I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 30 December 2010


On preparing our self to enter the workforce, we have learn on how to make a good cover letter and resume with madam Farahiyah and madam Norliza, after that we undergo the mock interview session with Mr. Lah and Mr. Faruk. It was quite tense that day where we have to be interviewed one by one by the interviewer. That morning, we discuss on the preparation before went to interview, ‘do and don’t’ during the interview and the hot and most popular question that always ask by the interviewer. Thanks to Mr. Lah and Mr. Faruk explanation that I think I am more confident to go the interview session.

My interviewer is Mr. Faruq, I am quite nervous because he looks so strict (but he is kind actually). Before went to the interview room, I practice many time especially on the spot question. During the interview, I was give a question on “what is your background?”, “what are your experience in work?” and “what qualify you to work with us?”. Yes!! It is the spot question that I already practice many times. So, I think that I can answer the question smoothly. But because I am nervous, I talk too fast and looks like I just remembering the dialog. The comment from Mr faruq to me are, I look nervous that I should be more confident and I should never told the interviewer about my weaknesses when they did not ask. Thanks sir, I will keep your advice and be more prepared and confident in the next interview. InsyaAllah.

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