I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 6 December 2010

Garfield in my life.

       I started to like Garfield since I was eight years old (if I'm not mistaken). At first, I only like Garfield cartoon due to its cute figure and they look funny. That when I watching it like the other cartoon, without knowing the meaning (as I didn't know English and not good in reading the subtitle). When I was at 12 years old, once again “Garfield show” was appear in channel one. This time, Im able to read the subtitle and can understand what they are to deliver. That's when, I really enjoy the show and become more interested to Garfield.

       The reason I like Garfield very much is because it is a cat. I am someone that like cat very much, and I have many cats as pet. I can see my cats through Garfield character and I can say that Garfield is representing my cat. They are so selfish, like to sleep, a glutton, dislike bathing, purr when they ask for something and clawing everything, even me! However, I do still like this lovable creature created by god to be human's friend.

       Another reasons I like Garfield is because I think of only funny and happy things when I think of it. One way to cheer me up and release my tension is by reading the comic stripe. The comics are so cute, it talks about cat, friendship, family, experience and the most important is they are funny. In addition, Garfield comic strip does not touch sensitive issues like religious, race or sex.

       Always I like to draw or sketch Garfield and friends. Here is some of it:

Mr Garfield with timid eyes

Odie who always happy

 Garfield's girlfriend, Nermal

 Squeak the housemate mousemate


  1. suria, memang suka sgt dgn garfield ni sampai semua post pun pasal garfield. hehe...

  2. nice way to cope with stress ^_^


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