I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Samseng tahi kucing (Cat’s Poop Gangster)

Samseng tahi kucing is one of the very popular phrases in refer to a thug that acting though and gangster but actually is a coward. I got one this kind of gangster living in my house. His name not other than the one I always quote, the awesome Mr Babu C’Oner or his real name is Kelabu C'Oner.

The sketch of a WANTED gangster

I found Babu when he was about a month old. He was screaming LOUDLY and was surrounded by Baby and the gang. Hes specialty is his soprano voice and a gullaton. His supprano voice is EXTREAMLY loud and beautiful that whenever he start to use it I will obey. When he said "I want to eat", Ill serve him real fast... and the second he said "I want to get out of this room", ill open the room quickly. NOBODY can stand his soprano voice, its so BEAUTIFUL and PIERCE!

About being gullaton, he dosen't chew instead just gulping and vacuuming his food. An example is cat's treats, when other chews happily a treat, he just gulping 6 treats. It's just so amazing that I wonder if he enjoying the meal that way? huhu..

There is one time when he missing for 8 days after tapped in a store. Thanks God for his fluffy fat, he survive the whole week not eating nor drinking and amazingly trapped upside-down in a very small space. Well, with his missing I discovered that he eats the most among my cats. When I saw the food not finished I miss the bulldozer very much. First I thought Babu is gone looking for partner as it very usual for him to not at home and just back when eating time. I got furious when it take 5 days, but at day 7 Alhamdulillah with instinct I just know he in the store. I went to the store and try to summon Babu, suddenly the very-very-very-very smooth voice linger in my ears. Its like weather Im imaging things or if it real. The store is actually have open window so no one will assume a cat traped into it especially my boss, but still they allow and help me to check. Luckily hes in there trapped upside down in a very small and closed area. That why his pierce soprano voice doesn't heard clearly.

I sketch Babu the 4th day he went missing

The 7th day Babu is found in condition as in the picture. It is the last day of Bunga (the orange cat) & Babu was found on the same day. I am sad and happy, its all Alhamdulillah..

After he home, Shumaker & helmet checking on him. Notice that the fat is still there and maybe enough for another few days. hehehe..

Monsta also checking on him while Babu ignoring them and continue to drink

Due to his upside-down position in a pit, he injured on top and rear head......

I felt pity at him, but the second thought I burst, hahahahaha..... =p

Even after facing almost-death experience, he stills a samseng to wondering around in the neighborhood the next day after the incident. After recovering enough fat and muscle, he becomes more arrogant to bully his kind and softhearted bro, Mr Monsta. He and Monsta is same age and when they younger they were very good and love each other that once they slept, playing and eat together. However nowadays Babu become a gangster and always bully Monsta. Whenever he sees Monsta he growling with his soprano voice and after a while he spanks Monsta. Monsta never fight back, instead he just lowering his body sign to surrender and he just meowing back bagging for sympathy. The mighty Babu ignores it and meowing louder to show hi is strongest. However amazingly sometimes he is very kind towards Monsta that he licking (bathing) Monsta and they sleep together, but another second the licking become biting and Babu mad to Monsta. Huh, my Babu....Babu.....

Sometimes they can be very close...

Monsta is very kind, playfull, innocent and easy going, by contrast Babu is manly, play rough and selfish. All the kids prefer to Monsta. 

If they want to cushionate Babu, he keep working out wiggling around and make the kids not comfortable.

The mark between the eyes is made by Babu....

....and this too

However as in the title above, Babu is just a cat's poop gangster, he only bully the weak and kind Monsta but actually very coward towards dogs and his mum, aunt Nebo. He is well behaved and not even dare to make a single noise in front of Nebo. Nebo is a very strict mum and will just spank anyone who not behave or threatening her kitten. Haha.

Usually he back during eating hour or when it is raining

Sometimes he back with a black face...

...or an innocent face with mud

Anyway overall Babu is not a bad or mean cat. He still kind towards younger kitten and female cat. Maybe he is just pretending to be mean towards Monsta to tell others that he is the leader in the house. However at this moments the TAIKO of the house is aunt Nebo. hehehehe.. 

''Unconditionally, we all still LOVE 
Babu the cat's poop gangster!!'' =D 

**At the this moments I heard Babu with his soprano voice bullying Monsta. Huhuhuhu...

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