I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Effective Presentation Skill

We have learned about effective presentation skill from Mr. Abdullah Md Yunos and his best friend madam Rosilawati. At the beginning, we were asked to give speech and presentation in a small group. First we are given a topic that very familiar with us (the title is my family), but after that the topic is more complicated and some of it we do not know very well. In that small group, I present very well, there are less people and nothing to be afraid of, but when it comes to the big audience I become nervous and shaky. Both Mr. Lah and madam Ros said that it is normal that every presenter would be nervous before the presentation, but to overcome it, is via practice. Nobody was born to be a presenter, but they practice to be a presenter.

Tips in a good presentation are:

1. Practice.. practice.. and practice..
2. Prepare early.
3. Master your topic.
4. Body languages and eyes contact.
5. Speak clearly.
6. Wear suitable attire.
8. Try to satisfy audience and attract their attention 
7. What most important is a gut to take challenge to give the best presentation.

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