I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Monsta, The Black Cat With Black History

The first half hour

Me: Meow....mewowwww. meowww..meonw... nmeowwww...Monsta~~, come here baby.. my dear poor monsta.. come here...

The aunty: Hehehehe... poor cat.. Let me help you with the ladder..

One hour letter, when my hand cannot reach him..

Me: Monsta!! You better come here and get down! Let see when I get you! I will pinch your ear and slap your butt! I will tie you and eat you!

The aunty: Hohohoho.. dont do that.. Poor him

Me: hahahaha aunty, Im just joking~ :p

Argh!!!!.. Another tiring day with Monsta!! Monsta my dear balck cat Monsta. They say it will be storm tonight, so I have to save Monsta from the rooftop before the heavy rain. Hes been on the roof for 3 days. I purposely not rescue him because I want him to learn how to get down himself. He is much older than his younger bro, plus he can get down previously. What will happen if Im not around? Learn and be strong Big Boy!

Monsta when I met him 

Monsta, I adopt him from my workplace. He was trapped on the roof top, maybe lost when he was hunting. He's hand and leg was injured back then and he was very weak. Maybe it was a black history for him that he traumatized to jump down from a high place. Even when he is grown enough, he cannot jump up to the table where even the much smaller cats can suppress him.

Then after almost 7 month, he become inquiry of what happen outside. Seeing Troy and Olen enjoying the freshness of air, the singing bird, their routine going and back from work outside, he also want to have the experience. So he decided to go outside himself and try his luck out there. Its not very fun outside, he cannot play with birds since they are up high in the sky, he is afraid because the dogs are beastly bigger, and the chickens, they are too protected towards their chick and peck whoever threatened them. With the beastly dog and chickens try to catch him, Monsta run up to the roof to save himself. Up there he don't know how to get down. That his outside world experience after a very long time as indoor cat.

The first time he spent two days  on the roof. On the first day, he jump down but back to the roof again when Baby (the neighbor dog) who is very loyal observing and watching him is ready to bark. Since he can get down himself, I expect him able to save himself. He continuously meowing and I persuade him with cat treats and food. Finally at 3 am in the morning he jump down again and finally save from Baby. The first experience have teach him allot, he didn't go outside until few month latter.

The second time he spend four days on the roof. Since he have experience it before and able to get down himself, I just wait for him. When it pass 4 days and he still up there, I get worried and then I borrow a ladder to save him. I really angry at him on why he cannot get down this time when he should be a bigger and braver cat. Baby and the gang also annoy me, why they have so much time to tease my cat! Shouldn't they work harder as watchdog at the neighborhood!

The third time Monsta spend 3 days 2 night on the roof. It is as in the dialog above. The aunt and a little bro help me to save him. They are very kind neighbor to concern about me and my cats. THANK YOU NEIGHBOR, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! I spent almost 3 hour to persuade Monsta to come closer to me so I can snap him to bring him down. I bring fish and cat treat but he didn't care. Then I try to bring on Babu Corner to persuade him that the food that I brought are delicious. Monsta fell for it and he get closer to eat. Unfortunately Babu just cannot be trusted that he ate all the food before Monsta coming! So choosing agent Babu in the mission is a failure! Next I'm using a more trusted candidate which is Monsta younger siblings (Shumaker, Konti, Poll and Helmet). I try them one by one and finally Monsta get closer to eat the food. By that I snapped Him and get him down quickly. Monsta finally saved and later its really rain at night.

Agent Babu who fail in the mission

Another team to save 

Monsta is same size with Babu, but lees self-confident

After few days, Monsta on the roof for the forth time, this time its only a day. "Haish, this budak itam, why didnt he learnt form experience! Serve yourself up there!" I blabbing angrily to myself. The next morning when I prepare food for the cats, he meowing for sympathy but I didn't care nor reply. However after one hour, I suddenly saw one black cat join eating with the other. Yeayyyyy its Monsta! Finally he is brave enough and become a real male! haha.. Alhamdulillah...

Alhamdulillah! I'm less worried now. Monsta has overcome his trauma and going to the roof is now become his routine. Now along with Babu, Troy and Olen, he enjoy the nature, the freshness of air and the chripping birds.  Even he experience it quite late from the other (after one year as indoor cat), I relief that at least he become braver, stronger and I belief he can save himself. So at least if one day I'm not around, I don't have to worry about him and his safety. My black boy is now braver! 

 Be strong black cat, I love u~~ =)

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