I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Goodbye My Precious

Goodbye my precious little Badam, Poll and Bonsit. Thank you Poll for your admirable purr that comfort me, even at your last breath you purring when I call you. Thank you Badam for always sticking and following me. When you very weak, you stumble and staggered walking towards to be with me. Thank you Bonsit for trusting me, among the B's you are the first to approach and trusting me. 

Not sure where is mommy Troy, its been a month since I saw her. I miss her very much and hope she will come back one day. Wherever she go, may she safe and healthy. 

Goodbye my precious, thank you for all the things that we gone through. Even in that very short time, I'm very grateful for your presence that create precious memory in my life.  





Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sharing is Caring (Quran Surah Az-Zumar)

Apabila manusia ditimpa kemudaratan (malapetaka), dia memohon kepada Kami, kemdian apabila Kami berikan nikmat kepadanya dari Kami, dia berkata: Hanya aku mendapat nikmat itu dengan ilmu pengetahuan. Bahkan ia adalah ujian (adakah dia bersyukur atau tidak), tetapi kebanyakan mereka tidak mengetahui.
(Quran 39:49)

Tidakkah mereka tahu bahawa, Allah melapangkan rezeki begi sesiapa yang dikendakinNya dan menyempitkannya (bagi sesiapa dikehendakiNya). Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu menjadi ayat-ayat (tanda) bagi kaum yang beriman. 
(Quran 39:52)

Tafsir ayat 52 diolah oleh Prof. Dr. H. Mahmud Yunus:

Allah SWT melapangkan rezeki bagi siapa yang dikehendakinya, iaitu orang-orang yang berusaha menrut sunnatullah dan menyempitkan rezeki bagi siapa ynag dikendakiNya iaitu ornag yang malas berusaha dan hanya menanti pemberian dan belas kasihan orang. Sebab itu salah sekali orang yang meminta murah rezeki dan lapng kehidupannya, sedangkan dia mals berusaha. 

What I learn and a reminder to myself:

When in difficulty, sad or hoping something, we always remember Allah. Example, repeatedly we doa 'Ya Allah, I really hope to get this job, I will work hard and may it will become ibadah for me to get halal income for my family'. After getting the job, we too busy of working hard and neglect our ibadah especially shalat. Continuously forgetting and neglecting ibadah, we become arrogant of the status and sometimes we think we get and deserved it because of our work hard and knowledge. Yes we should be proud the effort of working hard, but only by Allah's willing we achieved what we have today. So let us working hard to achieve our ambition, not arrogant in His earth, not jealous of someone else achievement and be grateful for what He gives us. Alhamdulillah.. 

Reference, my old yet lovable tafsir

p/s- Writer is someone that still lack of knowledge but willing to learn. Please correct if spotted any mistake or misinformation especially that related to phrases from Al-Quran, hadith and fact. Your advice, critic and suggestion is much appreciated. Salam =)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Are They Going To New Year Party?

Its 7 minutes to 12am, then we will welcoming 2014. I didnt plan to upload a post tonight since its nothing much to write. Anyway at this moment Olen and Monsta just back from somewhere which I guess from the New year party? Usually they were at home when I back from work, but today they just arrive at 11.53pm, after the new year party at my neighborhood end. Haha.. I think its funny thus I want to post it as my last post in 2013.

Alhamdulillah ya Allah for me still breathing and experiencing 2013. May Allah bless the next year for me to improve myself to be the better me myself, my ibadah, my family, my work and my life. Amin..

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