I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Dogs in The Neighbourhood

Recently many talk about the event 'I want to touch a dog'. As someone that know not much it trigger me to read and learn more. Im not here to comment (because Im not confident/qualified) on the even instead just want to share my reading about dog in Islam. Mainly I want to share the story on how here dog is neded to help and assist us in our everyday life while in the same time we follow Islamic teaching. I am learning, so kindly do correct me if anything I write is wrong or leading to fitnah/confusion. I am here to seek for His blessing, learning, sharing and to give personal opinion for good purpose.

I am an animal lover, once in my childhood my ambition is to become a vet. However due to my disgust/fear to snake and I cannot imagine (faint-hearted) myself if I have to abuse animals for scientific purpose (even for good purpose) thus about vet is just an ambition. But gladly Im not a vet, because until now I still think the same, and Alhamdulillah I do love my biology course. =)

As an animal lover, we have an instinct to have extra sympathy, care and love to all animals. Sometimes we get emotional seeing animals being abused, we willing to spend extra money or time for them, just seeing them can make us happy and we appreciate them being created as they are. I am grateful for this special feeling because it is one thing that make me blissfully happy in my everyday life. Alhamdulillah =D

As an animals lover, dog is an animal that I admire. They are intelligent, loyal, protective, funny and loving. All stories around the world about dog die while saving their owner, a dog alarm save human from burning house, a dog prevent burglar, a dog loyally waiting for their owner or a dog mourn for the death of their owner etc etc. It really touch my heart. We know its real story not legend, because we can see most dog have instincts to be brave, loyal, intelligent and protective. Shouldn't human be grateful and amazed for the great creation that Allah create?

However before everything I love Allah and my religion more. We have rules and must follow Islamic law/teaching because we have faith and seek for His blessing. The recent event cause many to give opinion and views regarding dogs in Islam. So taking this opportunity we should learn and get clear about this issue. For me it is wise to learn, hear and analyse all the opinion and take the most trusted source with intention to seek for Allah blessing. For me the most trusted source is JAKIM which is an organisation approved and entrusted to uphold Islamic teaching in Malaysia. This is a summary of what I read/understand from an article about dog in Islam by Jakim. Wisely go to the website for further understanding and clarification. 

  1. For Malaysia that following Syafie School, It is haram for a Muslim to touch dog without a strong reason (example to save or for hunting).
  2. Dog is regarded as najis mughalazah (najis berat)
  3. Haram for a muslim to keep dog solely for the purpose as pet (example: keeping cute, weak or small breed as companion is not allowed)
  4. A muslim is allowed to to keep trained dog for good purpose such as guardian dog for house or farm.
  5. A muslim can touch dog for strong purpose such as to save them, but later we must clean ourself by sertu.
  6. Sertu is a process of cleaning and purifying najis mughallazah. The process of cleaning is by pouring one portion of mixed soil-water, then followed by 6 portion of water to the affected area. The cleaning must remove smell, colour or taste of the najis.
In my neighborhood (company's quarters), there are about 10 dogs that owned by my neighbor (non Muslim) to keep as pet as well as guardian dog. Because I must walk through their area to go to my house thus the dogs know me well. Early days when I just come to live in the area, I purposely trying to be friendly by giving them food and talk to them (Im not patting nor touching them). I said "Hi, Im living here, dont bark or bite me, keep watching our neighbourhood and my house too". To be honest it feel safer. They will bark to stranger that come at night, the two years Im here no intruder dare to come and no drug addicts in the bush area. Because I appreciate them, I do give them food especially the leftover. They are not choosy and sometimes I pity them for being hungry. Even I like them, Im not touching them for no purpose. Once I touch a puppy to save him from drain, and after that I clean myself by sertu.

Because of the special (loyal, brave, good sense of smell and intelligent) in dogs there are many use of dogs that we cannot depend on other animals. Some friends keep dog to take care of their goat farm, to guard their orchard form thief, to guard oil palm from being stolen, to accompany them when they go to large oil palm plantation (to protect them from wild animals and help human if needed) and to guard house. As the owner there must be attachment between them and their dog. They love their dogs and give them food and shelter. Yet they still follow Islamic regulation. They dont simply touch their dog, do sertu if accidentally touch dog and not allow the dog to enter their house. In my village, even if we are not the owner many purposely collect their leftover to give to the dogs. We feel blessed to be kind towards His other creature, and the dog repay us by being kind and watch after the area.

In my life, few times I met bad dog. Going to school being bark by many dogs. The worst is when I was 12 years old about 7 dogs chase after me (about 70m) and lastly I trapped with them surrounded me. I scream very laud (MUUUUUUUMYYYY) while all them also barking louder. Alhamdulillah they dismiss after few minutes, I am not injured and the dogs not even touch me. Thank you Allah for protecting my physical and instinct as animal lover (I am not me if I dont have it and I may not this blissfully happy in my everyday life). Even with that experience I dont hate nor afraid/ trauma to dog, but I really hope no more nightmare with dogs. hehehe.. I hate dog's owner that neglect their responsibility to give foods, shelter to their dogs, not control its population and the worst not control the dogs that behave dangerously to the public. This types of owner that make dogs become wild and may become threat to the public. 

Lastly I admire and appreciate dog but will follow the Islamic regulation about it. I feel blessed following the Islamic teaching and I dont see anything bad about it, we still can wisely take advantage to dog's specialty (loyal, brave, good sense of smell and intelligent) and never Islam teach us to hate or abuse dogs.

My humble sharing, do correct if necessary. May Allah bless. =)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Casually Lying

When truth can be hurt......

Use trick instead of lying =P

Lying is deliberating untruth. Morally its not ethical and in religious it is a sin. We do lie many times in our life as to hide our mistake, to safe reputation, to make things real, seasoning in rumors, to make us look great or making other look bad, to get praises, boosting and in critical situation is to save our-self.

We do lie before, but shall today we start to not lying? Start slowly to not uttering lie, but in a critical condition we may use trick (my personal opinion, I think its OK). What I mean by trick is we are saying the truth, but in creative ways such as not sharing the full info or changing topic while talking. How to determined a trick or lie, its up to ownself. If you seek for Allah's love, believing He is watching, you should know which is what.

These situation always happen in our life

1) To protect yourself

Situation: A friend have many times borrowing money from you but yet pay the old debt and she has history of neglecting her debt (pretending she never borrow) and instead you too shy asking her to pay. Now she ask RM50. Its nothing urgent but just because she overspending with not important things. You have few hundreds in your wallet.

lie: Im very sorry, I didnt bring any today, if not I will absolutely lend it to you. Maybe you better try to lend from xx.

Trick: Sorry, I also need it. 

Comment: By lying as above you encourage her again for the next time and its not nice to suggest the situation you dont like to others. Maybe you can suggest her to borrow from the company where payment is cut off from the salary. Its not that we are stingy, but if its reach others takes advantage on you while she not making effort, this might be the best for both of you. 

2) To look good

Lie: Boosting and exaggerate when talking.

Comment: Mind with other perception is good, but need not to lie for it. First make ourself good for Allah and family.

3) Seasoning in rumor

Lie: You are so into a story that many fact changing. Even add-up voice tone may change the the real meaning.

Comment: Its much better if you cover the embarrassment of others. Spreading the story even if its true is also bad. Its still understandable if it involving you where you just want to share your feeling, but if just for gossiping to entertain the day that not just lie but include backtalking and fitnah. That is being mean.

4) Covering others

Situation: Your friend/co-worker have discipline problem at work. Your boss several times spotted it and thus she ask you for conformation and opinion. 

Lie: She is not that kind. (with other make-up stories)

Truth: Since I dont know her work scope, I cannot simply comment on others. It is more suitable if you ask her leader or HR because they know her work better and its their duty to take care the discipline of workers. 

Comment: You were trapped between friends and boss. By telling the truth, that may cause sours in your relationship while if you lying not only you making sin but your boss might lost faith in you. In addition your lying might cause the person think you will her back up forever, get worsen and cause the inconvenient to other with her discipline problem. So take the middle alternative where third party that design for it to handle the issue. 

5) To decline an invitation

Situation: Your boss conduct a birthday party at a restaurant that clearly also a pub with the business mainly selling liquor. Thinking that its not a good perspective/ example for a muslim to be seen in a pub you decided to not go.

Truth: I am very sorry, but I cannot attend. I seek your understanding that its not nice for a muslim to be seen in a pub that later because of us other muslim think its OK and no big deal drink and eat in a pub.

Comment: You dont have to lie or create another excuse for it. With gentle approach tell the truth and stand boldly in your principle. Your boss will understand it and by it she might give good consideration of others sensitivity next time. In my reading, if no other way its ok to have meal in a place that serve liquor such as at hotel or in an event. Just take the halal food/drink and the utensil is usable after wash (Until the smell, test and color of the alcohol is disappear). However we cannot go to a place that known to mainly sell liquor such as pub or club. Just think that, if they serve alcohol, that means they not care about halal issue. We certainly cannot go to restaurant that serve pork. That because the utensil can only be use after Sertu and impossible for the restaurant to do that.

6) Excuses

Situation: You are an hour late for an appointment.

Lie: To create a better excuse you make up some fact saying you are late because of another meeting.

Comment: Making up a fact is a concrete lie that it seems not even slightest you feel guilty. The times you make up bold excuses not only you are lying to others, but also towards making it a habit. 

6) Not willing to share

Situation: A stranger talking with you and want to know about you while you not comfortable or a friend want to know a thing that you not willing to share.

Lie: Telling the wrong fact

Trick: Answer a question with very short and general answer. 

Comment: The person should take the hint that you are not willing to share. Dont lie, because the next meeting you will be chop as a liar.

7) Don't want others get worry

Situation: Your family ask how you doing while you are actually in big trouble. You dont want to share to make them worry.

Trick: Answer a question with very short and general answer, change to another topic, pretend you not hear the question or pretend that you are OK.

Comment: Towards your family do it wisely and naturally or you might be caught on act =P

In the examples isn't we treated lies as small matter and habitual. In the small matter, without us being force, or situation where lies is really not necessary yet we choose to lie. We casually lies many times, every time and anywhere for own benefit till we forget lie is a sin. Form now learn and discipline ourself to not lying because there must be a good reasons why lying is prohibited. At least we become more trustworthy, discipline and there will be more later. 

ps- This article is a reminder to myself. Lets start to not lie in small2 matter =)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sharing is Caring: Kind People

Al-Baqarah, verse 177, tafsir Mahmud Yunus

Just read the verse above. Islam teach us to be kind. From the list what catchy to me is the phrase ''He gives his precious belonging to his kin, orphans, the poor, people in travel and those who asked''. Thats very true because I myself experienced it. These kind of people giving with sincerity because they have kind heart without hoping anything in return. I really respect them and may Allah bless. Here are my story of meeting the kind people in my life.

Encik Marzuki Ali

It happened when I first went to KL to settle some important things. We are in the same bus that he actually missed his bus an hour before. Our bus arrived at 4am that it still dark without many people, no women and Im afraid of others. Because of that I take extra precaution, Im pretending to be brave, not asking for direction and walk on my own. I walk to a 24 hour shop but then going back to the bus stop. That when Encik Marzuki ask if I need help and I told him that I need to go to putrajaya. He said its dangerous for a girl to wondering alone this early hour so he told me to follow him and he will guide me the way. He said first we will go to masjid Jamek and then take train to Putrajaya. I follow him but still take a careful precaution, good thing he is a man with few words thus I trust him more and Im comfortable because I dont like to share anything to a stranger. We arrived at front of the mosque with few people waiting for the gate to open. It is on ramadhan thus I ate iftar with chocolate bread, I offer some to him but he kindly refuse. When almost subuh prayer the gate is open, we go to prayer and agree to meet at front of the mosque again.

From LRT masjid jamek we go to KL central then he send me until the train platform to Putrajaya. He gives his number and asked me to call him if I need help. Encik Marzuki destination is actually KLCC where he work with Petronas, even with opposite route he still willing to help me and buy all the tickets for me that worth RM30. I said to pay the transportation on my own but he said its Ok. I safely arrived at Putrajaya and finish my business finely.

The routes we take

Since then I never forget Encik Marzuki and sometimes I share with others my experience of meeting him. However I never call his number afraid if it may cause misunderstanding because of different gender and he is a married man. I belief he is very sincere in helping me, he must be happy to guide me safely, I belief he helping me because of his kind heart and because of Allah. He teach me sincerity, offering help, not ask in return, helping without condition and seek for Allah blessing. I really touched by the kindness and want to be like him. May Allah bless him and his family. amin..

Other than Encik Marzuki, I met many other kind people in my life. The kind neighbour, kind boss, kind teacher, kind friends and kind stranger, even we are not related, different races or religion. Nowadays its hard to simply trust people, some may a slander or some people takes advantage on kind people. Depend on situation, its good to be kind and do it with sincerity and seek for Allah blessing. By simply saying good words, not backbiting or offending others is also considered kind. Your kindness might changing others life and when they remember you surely with doa. Learn from our Prophet who loves by many for his kindness towards people even to people who againts him, toward kids, orphan and animals. With his kindness he show the beauty of Islam that many attracted to embrace Islam. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon the prophet. 

p/s-'Buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali'  
       Even if we cannot offering kindness, just dont be a misery to others.
       Be careful with strangers or sweet-talker, prepare for the worst

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