I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 2 May 2016


I have several times experience theft in my life. One who stole from bank account, from our house and even from my bag! Sadly the culprit are those who look good, normal and close to us. 

We are not a rich family, but we spend wisely and save little by little. My parents also are not educated and only work as a labour with little salary to rise us and support our family. Still our family try many other works such as gardening, selling things as another route to gain halal rezq. They knew this yet they never consider about it and still victimize us as long we are an easy target to get that small little money.  

Some even too blind by the money and fooled by their own greediness. It was the greediness that trapped and expose their thievery act. Isint it very obvious when the only money I have gone and its not only once, but many times already. The money in the bank all gone even we never withdraw it. 

The same pattern of a thief are, they knew us, they not feel regret nor sympathy towards their victim, they acting kind when they see you, they not perform solat, they always cheat, the thefting happen repeatedly, they take few at the beginning, they become greedy and take uncontrollable and lastly they are exposed. They would never admit unless you have all the prove that 100% trap them into nowhere. The all theft that I met never regret their act, some pretending regret, some feel that it is not big deal, some only worry about the shame in front of human or whatever they will lost (job, salary) after the foolish act. They hope their victim will act nice to them and let them go as usually they only victimize weak and kind people. Some even dare to ask to let them in their current job while you know they never regret, and only Allah knew their inside.

About the money they steal, they feel very loss to pay it thus again they lie about it. The victim instead feel more careful and just take little than they know as long it confidently halal and belong to them. The victim repent that they might wrong anywhere that this happened, they acknowledge that all the blessing and rezq are from  Allah, He can give and take them to anyone He want and He is the Almighty-Rich and Gracious. However the first issue comes before the money is about trust. How could them?!! 

They never consider how hard the victim works for the halal money, that she has family to support, and she never live in luxury. On the other hand, all those thief spend on not necessary, luxury, jolly and things they cannot afford. You are still alive without watching movie in cinema, without new cloth every month or spend excessively on phone bill. 

Alhamdulllah nowadays there are camera and video tape easily access to trap the thief. So next time be careful thief!!! More than that remember that Allah watching you, Fear more to Allah and love yourself. Stealing few thousand wont never ever make you rich, remember Allah, regret your wrongdoing, correct what necessary and make a new start. 

We face this 3 kind of thievery. We are mad, frust, and hate them but in the end we try to be kind towards them. That because we have Allah and Islam that lead us to the right path, to be kind, grateful and forgiveful. We try to not embarrass them, and pray that they will back to the right path. 

We also did wrong by easily trust people, and not take extra precaution. I will give attention into this!!!!

I agree with hudud law to cut off the hand of a thief. Really many thief are only greedy peoples and they embezzle excessively and shamelessly.

Afterall, I am very grateful that it is just a thievery and not a robbery. It just the money, and we all are fine. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb for protecting us form evil. We accept this as your small test, to handle it as a muslim should, to give us opportunity to gain Your rewards or maybe this is the turning point for the thief itself. You are a Great Planner and All-Wise which what happened are for our own good. 

Wise man said,

Rezeki yang halal, sikitnya disyukuri, banyaknya dikongsi.
Rezeki yang haram, sikitnya tak pernah cukup, banyaknya tak pernah puas.

For halal rezq, the bit is grace, the extra is shared.
For Haram rezq, the little will never enough, the abundant will never satisfying. 

  • Specially for labour day. We work for halal rezq, to live blessingly with Allah favor.
  • No worry, not many knew about Suri's site and not many people read it. hehehe. Just expressing my feeling generally after have to deal with it secretly and kindly with allot of request that challenge my feeling. O Allah let me be patient and do things as your favour. Amin.. 
  • Maybe thievery is just a thievery and not as bad as murder, robbery, or physical abuse. Everybody make mistakes, and deserve chance. Which I may also need someday. 
  • Still, this time it is overboard!! 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Reality of Puppy Mill

Startling Video Reveals How Much That Doggie In The Window Really Costs

We all love puppies. We all love to see people’s reaction when someone hands them a puppy of their very own. There is so much joy and instant love. But behind all of that joy and love, there is pain and suffering. Pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Most of know this by now, but what you may not know is that puppy millers also sell dogs online and at flea markets, among other places.

To expose the horror of puppy mills, the organization Room2Love created the emotionally jarring PSA below. The end of the video may be disturbing for some pup lovers, but the message is an extremely important one.
As of 2012, when this video was made, Oklahoma ranked #2 for the top puppy mill states according to Room2Love. In 2015, the Humane Society listed the state at #12. This drastic drop in puppy mills across the states is likely due to the work of groups like Room2Love, as well as Best Friends Animal Society and the dozens of other organizations and thousands of individuals working to raise awareness and end puppy mills.
Room2Love’s website is currently offline, but if you would like to find out more about how to stop puppy mills, visit Best Friends Animal Society.
If you want to bring a fluffy single (dog) into your family, download our BarkBuddy app to find the rescue pup of your dreams.
Source: barkpost
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