Shelters Keep Homeless Cats Alive By Giving Them Jobs

If ever there were a natural-born career for cats, it would be in the rodent management industry.
So why are shelters across the country teeming with unemployed cats?
They comprise more than half the roughly 3 million animals euthanized in shelters every year. And if those cats happen to have issues — like taking a turn for the feral — the odds of living a long happy life get even slimmer.
Which is what inspired SpokAnimal, a Washington state rescue organization, to come up with the rather creative notion of matching cats to their calling.
The program, called Farm Livin', pairs shelter cats with people who own farms, warehouses or any property dealing with mouse issues, and gives these unwanted, discarded, supposedly doomed cats their dream job: mouse management.
No, it likely doesn't end well for mice. But for the more than 1,700 felines admitted to the program since June 2009, it's a lifeline.
And who doesn't love the sight of someone who has finally found her true calling?
Just look at this cat, guarding his new castle.
Along the way, these cats are spayed, neutered, given vaccinations and, most importantly, given more than food and lodging out of this gig.
They waste no time finding their way into the hearts of their employers.
Or, we should say, new families.
SpokAnimal is looking to grow its program and work with shelters across the country to find jobs for every death row cat.
Watch the full video of the Farm Livin' program in action below:
Suriana's notes:

  • This is a repost from the :
  • Animals are precious, they are Allah's creature that give allot of benefit and help to human. They provide us food, labor, helps in food chain, happiness and allot more to list. 
  • As long the animals did not harm or potentially kill you, show them compassion.
  • In the company that I work, we did give the jobless cats a position as troops in rodent management. All thanks to my kind hearted friend Ms Dyanna who generously accept the strays. But actually it was us that need and job hunting the kittens. Ms Dyanna feed them once daily, and the cats naturally hunting at night. The female will get spayed to control its population and allowing more strays to get the job. 
  • This method is also recommended by a visiting vet. He said that cats are the most suitable and efficient to be use for rodent management rather than poison or trap. Cat does not have much health issues that can effect barn animals or human. While poison may harm the barn animals, environment and human. Trap on the other hand are less effective, fussy to handle and possible transferring disease when not handle properly. 
  • In my experience living with many (12-5 cats, currently 5). I never encounter mouse problem and my neighborhood thank Ms Tiger (my cat) for her good job as a rodent management officer. I think all the mouse has been reduced greatly that she didn't bring any for the last half year. 
  • May this method can be example for others to give compassion to animals and gain benefit from them. It is a win-win relationship, and in this world, we really need each other.
  • A dog too, can be a good and loyal security. 
  • May those who kind gain blessing and rezeki for the good did.
  • Save the strays.