I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Repost: Woman Builds 'Cat Ladder' So Strays Can Come In From The Cold "I wish no animal is hungry or thirsty, just happy."

To say that Şebnem Ilhan is a cat lover would be something of an understatement. Not only has she opened her heart to stray cats living around the neighborhood — she's opened her home as well.
And she even devised an adorable way to invite them on in.
Şebnem Ilhan

Ilhan works as a dentist in the town of Tekirdag, Turkey, where winter has been particularly chilly this year. Fearing that homeless cats would suffer being stuck out in the cold, she decided to make it easy for them to find refuge through her window.
But how would they make it up there? Ilhan had that part covered.
"I made the ladder so the cats can come into my comfortable house," she told The Dodo.
Şebnem Ilhan

Şebnem Ilhan

Ilhan said that she was a little worried at first that her neighbors might not take kindly to the little stairway for cats leading in to her home, so she added some extra ornamentation.
"I thought if I put some flower pots there, it wouldn't bother anyone," she said. But the reception has been overwhelmingly positive — especially among the countless kitties who have taken advantage of her offer of a warm place to rest.
Şebnem Ilhan

Şebnem Ilhan

The 'cat ladder' is just one of the ways Ilhan has worked to make a difference for needy pets. She also volunteers her time to see that stray dogs and cats throughout her city are cared for as well.
"I wish no animal is hungry or thirsty, just happy," she said. "This world is not just for people."

Şebnem Ilhan

Suri's say:

  • This is a repost from thedodo
  • Lovely woman, kind heart, inspiring, creative
  • The strays must be grateful and happy
  • May Allah bless her and all kind peoples
  • I wish all kind peoples will be blessed with good health and rezq to have more opportunity to share kindness with animals and peoples. Amin.. =)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Repost: 'Very Angry' Little Animal Finds Himself Trapped In Ball Of Clay

You might say the month got off to a rocky start for this understandably angry hedgehog. In fact, he himself was nearly turned to stone.
Thankfully, things are looking up again.

The prickly little animal was rescued by the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital last week after having an unfortunate encounter with a curious dog in Chichester, England.
It seems as the canine threat approached, the hedgehog tucked himself into a defensive ball — but apparently that didn't stop the pup from rolling him through an area of wet clay . And when the clay hardened, the poor guy got stuck.
"He was barely recognizable when he came in but we could see he was just about breathing (goodness knows how)," the hospital wrote online, adding later: "He was hissing a lot and getting generally agitated."
Despite his ill-temper, help was still on the way.
Facebook/Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

It's unclear exactly what the cleaning process entailed, but the hedgehog's rescuers report that he didn't much care for that, either.
"We have got the worst of the clay off but will leave him quietly over night now and clean off some more in the morning as he became a little cold and VERY angry," they wrote. "For now he is tucked up with some food feeling very sorry for himself."
After a followup cleaning, the hedgehog looked markedly more like a, well, a hedgehog.
Facebook/Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

"He is much more mobile and a lot happier," his rescuers wrote. "He is now bedded down quietly after his ordeal (both from the dog and from us cleaning him) with a nice big bowl of food."
He even opened up to the people who helped him — literally.
Facebook/Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

With any luck, the hedgehog will soon be able to put this whole unpleasant experience behind him, and return to his home in the wild.
It's worth mentioning that the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital is a volunteer run organization that cares for thousands of animal patients every year. To learn more about their work, and to find out how to help, visit their website here.

Suri's say:

  • Lesson to learn: Dont be angry =)
  • Super cute creature. Glad he is saved :3

Repost: Puppy Trapped 200 Feet Underground Had No Idea He'd Make It Out Alive He was there for more than a week.

After more than a week trapped deep inside of a narrow borehole well, a terrified puppy has finally been brought to safety — ending his unimaginable ordeal which gripped an entire nation.
Istanbul Fire Department

It's unclear how the young dog ended up within the well in the town of Beykoz, Turkey, but residents were alerted to his predicament by the sound of whimpering. One look at the narrow space made clear that he could never escape on his own. The earthen hole, while just under a foot in diameter, dipped more than 200 feet below the ground.
While helping the pup might have at times seemed impossible given the circumstances, rescuers alerted to predicament refused to give up trying.
Twitter/Barış Şengün

Emergency crews, made up of local firefighters and animal rescue organizations, were called in to assess the situation. They put up a tent around the hole to prevent rain from entering, and lowered down camera equipment to check on the puppy's condition.
Istanbul Fire Department

The puppy, though scared and alone, was still very much alive.
Twitter/Barış Şengün

Rescuers were able to give the puppy food to stay alive — but getting him out would be far more challenging. For 10 long days, crews struggled to devise a way to lift the dog out, though without luck.
The rescue effort soon garnered widespread attention in Turkey via social media and national television. Hope came when Energy Minister Berat Albayrak heard about the puppy's plight and, as the Daily Sabah reports, ordered a state-owned mining company, Turkish Hard Coal Enterprises, to step in to help.
Using a long, mechanized lasso lowered into the hole, the team finally managed to collar the puppy and pull him up to safety — a dramatic moment caught on film.
After more than a week, the puppy was freed — an outcome that, at times, seemed to hinge on the thinnest of possibilities.
Istanbul Fire Department

The lucky young dog, who has since been named Kuyu (Turkish for 'well'), was examined by veterinarians and found to be in good health — but his story gets even better yet.
Firefighters from Beykoz have adopted the pup and invited him to live at their station, ensuring that Kuyu will be rescued for a lifetime, too.

Suri's say

  • Glad he is saved. Alhamdulillah =D
  • Imagine if we were in kuyu's situation, must be scary, depressed, terrified and shaking being alone deep down in that scary pit. 
  • Thank you heroes for helping Kuyu. How happy and grateful he is you lift him from the miserable situation. =)
  • This is a repost from thedodo

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