I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 6 December 2010

My First Cat.

I am someone that like cats very much. Since I was about seven years old, I already pat a cat. My first cat was name ‘ibu tompok’. Ibu tompok is a female cat that has white fur with few browny spot. On my first time I saw the cat, she was a pregnant mother that looking for a good place to give birth. When I saw it, I just playing around without knowing that she is in critical condition and may have to deliver baby at any time. So that time ibu tompok was just run away from me and I was leaved alone with the feeling of sad and lonely. So, after that I went to the playground with bicycle and playing with friends. 

When I return to home, mum said, “There is a cat that gives birth in the room”. Then I find out that the cat is the prior cat that I just found and it was a faith that she is not leaving me instead of going to my house. So, after that my family takes the cat as a pet and gives her name as ibu tompok since she is a mother with brownie spot. That day ibu tompok has give birth to seven kitties (if I am not mistaken, but she really give birth to many kitty). Most of the kitties have same looks (same as their mother) that I cannot differentiate between them. But what I still remember we have give name to the kitties such as Apol, Fabulaso, manis, manja and comot. 

Since Ibu Tompok give birth in my closet, we have to wash and throw away some of the cloth. After that, we put Ibu Tompok and the gang inside a box as their new house. Due to the cuteness of the kitty, my sister and I always playing with them and making Ibu Tompok feel not comfortable (or jealous maybe). Thus she takes all her kitties to another place that we cannot find them, she does it many times, but I was able find them and take them home again. Due to the same thing occur repeatedly, some of the kitty has just gone without trace and only few of them stay which are Apol, Fabulaso, manis, manja and comot. 

As time pass by, the five kitties’ grown-up and become more cheerful and playful. It was so fun seeing them playing around with each other. After a few months, manis and manja was also disappear. Our neighbor tell us that they were taken by a kid to another house in the residence. After that, I feel so sad and depressed that I miss them so much. Every time after I back from school, I will try to find them around the neighborhood, and finally after about few weeks I found manis. I found her at a house far away from our block. I recognize manis because of the furrless stomach she have due to chewing gum tragedy. So after that, we live happily ever after..=)

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