I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 30 December 2010


On preparing our self to enter the workforce, we have learn on how to make a good cover letter and resume with madam Farahiyah and madam Norliza, after that we undergo the mock interview session with Mr. Lah and Mr. Faruk. It was quite tense that day where we have to be interviewed one by one by the interviewer. That morning, we discuss on the preparation before went to interview, ‘do and don’t’ during the interview and the hot and most popular question that always ask by the interviewer. Thanks to Mr. Lah and Mr. Faruk explanation that I think I am more confident to go the interview session.

My interviewer is Mr. Faruq, I am quite nervous because he looks so strict (but he is kind actually). Before went to the interview room, I practice many time especially on the spot question. During the interview, I was give a question on “what is your background?”, “what are your experience in work?” and “what qualify you to work with us?”. Yes!! It is the spot question that I already practice many times. So, I think that I can answer the question smoothly. But because I am nervous, I talk too fast and looks like I just remembering the dialog. The comment from Mr faruq to me are, I look nervous that I should be more confident and I should never told the interviewer about my weaknesses when they did not ask. Thanks sir, I will keep your advice and be more prepared and confident in the next interview. InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Effective Presentation Skill

We have learned about effective presentation skill from Mr. Abdullah Md Yunos and his best friend madam Rosilawati. At the beginning, we were asked to give speech and presentation in a small group. First we are given a topic that very familiar with us (the title is my family), but after that the topic is more complicated and some of it we do not know very well. In that small group, I present very well, there are less people and nothing to be afraid of, but when it comes to the big audience I become nervous and shaky. Both Mr. Lah and madam Ros said that it is normal that every presenter would be nervous before the presentation, but to overcome it, is via practice. Nobody was born to be a presenter, but they practice to be a presenter.

Tips in a good presentation are:

1. Practice.. practice.. and practice..
2. Prepare early.
3. Master your topic.
4. Body languages and eyes contact.
5. Speak clearly.
6. Wear suitable attire.
8. Try to satisfy audience and attract their attention 
7. What most important is a gut to take challenge to give the best presentation.


Asking ones opinion at last minutes is a good idea...

Just make sure to ask the right person. =p

On 17 December 2010, we have learned about grooming from Madam Leilanie Mohd Nor. In the session, we learn on how to choose suitable cloth for men and woman, make-up, self hygiene and table manner. Madam Leilanie shows us some of the video on how to choose suitable coat, shaving technique for man and simple make-up for woman. We also meet Miss Yasarah that shows us some modern and popular scarf that suitable as office attire. That day everyone seems to wear their best one and appear elegantly. I also wear my favorite color, which is green! Madam Leilanie chooses Farhana as the best personality that day. I agree with her, as Fana dress professionally and she is good in choosing what to wear.

Things that I can share from that day are:

1. Wear simply, don’t be too crowded.
2. Wear covered shoe or hill make you looks more professional.
3. You look more confident and fresh just by a simple make-up.
4. For a man, their shoe must match with the belt. While for a women, they should match at least 2 items of  
    shoe, belt or bag.

These are some office attire that I recommend:

office attire for woman

office attire for men

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How to Reach Audience Through Blogging.


A blog is a type of website that usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Different from other static website, blog allow visitors to leave their comment and messages via widget. The victory of the blog can be distinct by the number of visitors and followers. A really good blog have a wide audience all over the world. 

There are many ways to attract audience and visitors. One of the ways is, define your main topic clearly. This is meant, you should specify your main blog title and your post should about in the range of the main title. For example, your blog might become your online diary that you can talk about your experience through way of your life. You can also be more specific to certain topic such as sport, politics, environment issues, motivational blog, religion, career or a more specific to music or drama. By having a specific topic, your visitors will have a clear idea on what you will be talking about and if they have same interest, they might become your loyal follower and commenter. In addition by having a specific topic, you might become more easily noticed by other bloggers and easily formed groups with other bloggers with same interest. 

Another ways to attract the audience is by having a blog with nice, cool and suitable lay-out and design. This includes the chose of the template, background, the font size and color, and also the use of gadget. Just by having a suitable appearance you can attract the interest of the visitor to stay and read your blog. A suitable lay-out also can represent yourself or express your idea. 

Another way to attract readers is by using the power of words. Blogging is something like writing on-line, and most of the activity is playing around with word and sentences. A professional and good blogger sometimes use prickly words but in proper manner in their writing in order to express their idea, feeling and use it as a powerful tool to deliver messages and get attention.

Monday, 6 December 2010

My First Cat.

I am someone that like cats very much. Since I was about seven years old, I already pat a cat. My first cat was name ‘ibu tompok’. Ibu tompok is a female cat that has white fur with few browny spot. On my first time I saw the cat, she was a pregnant mother that looking for a good place to give birth. When I saw it, I just playing around without knowing that she is in critical condition and may have to deliver baby at any time. So that time ibu tompok was just run away from me and I was leaved alone with the feeling of sad and lonely. So, after that I went to the playground with bicycle and playing with friends. 

When I return to home, mum said, “There is a cat that gives birth in the room”. Then I find out that the cat is the prior cat that I just found and it was a faith that she is not leaving me instead of going to my house. So, after that my family takes the cat as a pet and gives her name as ibu tompok since she is a mother with brownie spot. That day ibu tompok has give birth to seven kitties (if I am not mistaken, but she really give birth to many kitty). Most of the kitties have same looks (same as their mother) that I cannot differentiate between them. But what I still remember we have give name to the kitties such as Apol, Fabulaso, manis, manja and comot. 

Since Ibu Tompok give birth in my closet, we have to wash and throw away some of the cloth. After that, we put Ibu Tompok and the gang inside a box as their new house. Due to the cuteness of the kitty, my sister and I always playing with them and making Ibu Tompok feel not comfortable (or jealous maybe). Thus she takes all her kitties to another place that we cannot find them, she does it many times, but I was able find them and take them home again. Due to the same thing occur repeatedly, some of the kitty has just gone without trace and only few of them stay which are Apol, Fabulaso, manis, manja and comot. 

As time pass by, the five kitties’ grown-up and become more cheerful and playful. It was so fun seeing them playing around with each other. After a few months, manis and manja was also disappear. Our neighbor tell us that they were taken by a kid to another house in the residence. After that, I feel so sad and depressed that I miss them so much. Every time after I back from school, I will try to find them around the neighborhood, and finally after about few weeks I found manis. I found her at a house far away from our block. I recognize manis because of the furrless stomach she have due to chewing gum tragedy. So after that, we live happily ever after..=)

Garfield in my life.

       I started to like Garfield since I was eight years old (if I'm not mistaken). At first, I only like Garfield cartoon due to its cute figure and they look funny. That when I watching it like the other cartoon, without knowing the meaning (as I didn't know English and not good in reading the subtitle). When I was at 12 years old, once again “Garfield show” was appear in channel one. This time, Im able to read the subtitle and can understand what they are to deliver. That's when, I really enjoy the show and become more interested to Garfield.

       The reason I like Garfield very much is because it is a cat. I am someone that like cat very much, and I have many cats as pet. I can see my cats through Garfield character and I can say that Garfield is representing my cat. They are so selfish, like to sleep, a glutton, dislike bathing, purr when they ask for something and clawing everything, even me! However, I do still like this lovable creature created by god to be human's friend.

       Another reasons I like Garfield is because I think of only funny and happy things when I think of it. One way to cheer me up and release my tension is by reading the comic stripe. The comics are so cute, it talks about cat, friendship, family, experience and the most important is they are funny. In addition, Garfield comic strip does not touch sensitive issues like religious, race or sex.

       Always I like to draw or sketch Garfield and friends. Here is some of it:

Mr Garfield with timid eyes

Odie who always happy

 Garfield's girlfriend, Nermal

 Squeak the housemate mousemate

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Garfield song

Ladies and Gentleman, Garfield & Friends. 

Garfield: Friends Are There.....
Friends: To Help You Get Started, To Give You A Push On Your Way.

Garfield: Friends Are There.....
Friends: To Turn You Around, Get Your Feet On The Ground For A Brand New Day

Garfield: They'll Pick You Up When You're Down
Friends: Help You Swallow Your Pride When Something Inside's Got To Break on through to the Other Side.....

Garfield: Friends Are Someone You Can Open Up To
Friends: When You Feel Like You're Ready To Flip

Garfield: When You Got The World On Your Shoulders
Friends: Friends Are There To Give You A Tip

Garfield: Friends Are There When You Need Them. Their Even There When You Don't.....
Friends: For A Walk In The Park, For A Shot In The Dark. Friends Are There.....

Garfield: "I Don't Care"
Friends: But Friends Will Care For You-u-u-u-u-u-u!

       If you read the lyric of ‘Garfield and friends’ theme song, you will find the delightful of friendship behind the song. In this song it say how important of having friends. Friends are someone that we should trust to share thought and problems. They will be the one that will help and encourage us when we feel down and faithful friends are always together in a happy or bad situation. The lyrics is start up when Garfield saying “friends are there..” (Questioning what the need of having friends) and continue with his friends telling him the important of having friends. As we can see from that, it shows that friends are someone that offers without being asked and love to be with us sharing experience in life.

p/s: I dedicate this song to all my friends and my BFF. Thank you so much for being such a good friend, helping me in my trouble, encourage me in my doubt, guiding me in my walk, loving me as I am and make a wonderful memories together. Thank you Allah for the great friend I have ~ ~ =)

My favorite Garfield.

       My favorite cartoon is Garfield. I think everyone know Garfield, as when I am asking the peoples around me about it, most of them say, “Yes, I know the orange fatso cat!”. Yeah, that is Garfield! Garfield is an orange fuzzy, tabby cat which was born in the kitchen of Mama Leoni's Italian restaurant. Garfield is known to be a bulldozer that gulps anything in any amount, anyhow its favorite food is Langsana. Due to his unhealthy eating habit, Garfield becomes a big fat and slow cat. ‘Fatso’ (combination of fat and slow), is Garfield nickname given by his owner, Jon. Even with his obesity problem, Garfield really hates to exercise or undergo diet. The definition of diet in Garfield dictionary is a ‘die’ with ‘T’. The funny site of this diet topic is when Garfield always angry to the weighing scale when it shows the value that telling “you are so fat!”. So, Garfield will destroy or throw them away. On the other hand, Jon and Odie always support, encourage and sometimes have to force Garfield to undergo diet and exercise.

       Another bad habit of Garfield is, he enjoy to tormenting Odie, by kicking Odie off the table, ask him to do foolish things, make him soaked with water, and even hate him for being a dog. On the other site, odie doesn’t really care if he was tortured by Garfield. He always loves, trust, admire and be a loyal follower of Garfield. As of that, Odie always play a sidekick role and Garfield is the hero. Event with out of loud Garfield say that he really hates Odie, especially when Odie lick him with a slobbering tongue, but deep inside his heart, he really need and loves Odie.

       Garfield is really a jealousy cat. He got jealous when Jon becomes so closed with his girlfriend ‘liz’ and the cutest cat in the world ‘Nermal’. Garfield really fades-up when Nermal try acting cute and admired by the others. Garfield always tries to kick Nermal out of their house and post it to Abu Dhabi. In the same time Garfield tries his best to be noticed and loved by Jon.

       Other characters of Garfield are he really hates Monday, like to drink strong coffee, like to eat Jon’s fern, like to be in fantasy and imagine things, he like to watching television and dislike to declaw and taking bath.

       I do really love Garfield very much, as I think of only funny and happy things when I think of it. Even with so many bad habit of Garfield, there are many sweet and funny things besides it. The good things that I can learn from Garfield are:

• Love someone as it is without hoping something in return.
• There are so many people around you that color your life and you must appreciate them.
• It is a gift when you know that someone sincerely love you.
• Having a family and friends is such a great gift.
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