I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Asking ones opinion at last minutes is a good idea...

Just make sure to ask the right person. =p

On 17 December 2010, we have learned about grooming from Madam Leilanie Mohd Nor. In the session, we learn on how to choose suitable cloth for men and woman, make-up, self hygiene and table manner. Madam Leilanie shows us some of the video on how to choose suitable coat, shaving technique for man and simple make-up for woman. We also meet Miss Yasarah that shows us some modern and popular scarf that suitable as office attire. That day everyone seems to wear their best one and appear elegantly. I also wear my favorite color, which is green! Madam Leilanie chooses Farhana as the best personality that day. I agree with her, as Fana dress professionally and she is good in choosing what to wear.

Things that I can share from that day are:

1. Wear simply, don’t be too crowded.
2. Wear covered shoe or hill make you looks more professional.
3. You look more confident and fresh just by a simple make-up.
4. For a man, their shoe must match with the belt. While for a women, they should match at least 2 items of  
    shoe, belt or bag.

These are some office attire that I recommend:

office attire for woman

office attire for men

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