I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Negotiation skill

In these two days, we have learned about negotiation skill with Mr. Hisham. Actually everyday we practice and learn negotiation skill from one another without releasing it. We often negotiate with our friends, family, teacher, and also with the shopkeeper. The more formal negotiation is such as while negotiation among the workers, while in the company meeting, and negotiation for business. A good negotiation should end with win-win situation, where both party is satisfy and can get advantage from the decision.  In order to get the win-win situation, both party must tolerate and respect each other. This is among the important things while negotiation:

·         The goals of both party
·         The trades and opportunity of both party
·         Alternatives if of the decision if no agreement is achieve
·         History of relationships between parties
·         Expected outcomes
·         The consequences
·         The power of both party
·         Possible solutions

In negotiation, sometimes action speak louder than words

Some people using a harsh way to negotiate, which is unethical

The negotiation topic is another topic teaches by Mr hisham after the public speaking topic. The class with him was very fun, there are lot of fun activities and laughter. From the very beginning where he can rightly guess our secret, we start our class with doa and he give religious speech, the fun acting activity, until the class end there a lot of advice and knowledge that we can learn from him, thanks Mr. Hisham. That day we end our class by the song, “words” from Nazreen.

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