I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Year Resolution *\^.^/*

Almost end of January. Alhamdulillah still breathing in a new year of 2016. The blessing of living in every morning must be remarkably joy when it was a day of another year. The feel of endless blessing and chances Allah give us that we should be grateful and appreciate. The new year also remark of the past 365 days of last year which happened very fast unknowingly how much time we wasted as we getting older. For every chance and endless blessing Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah. Even if only a talk, I did really want to try harder to be a better muslim, daughter and be successful. Amin...

The first week of 2016 one of my BFF asks me of what my resolution for 2016. I was grateful to be in a new year but the busyness cause me not to able resort my resolution into a planned mission, in writing I mean. It takes about 20 minutes for me to reply her with my new resolutions after resorting my thought. They are simply my ongoing doings but which I compile and sorted to be my mission in 2016. InsyaAllah below will be my 2016 resolution and may Allah bless it to be beneficial for me, He who own the Hidayah, the Merciful, the All-knowing and the Greatest planner.

New year resolution *\^.^/*

1. Live a healthy lifestyle: Eat more veggie, take supplement.
In my daily life, I did taking care of things that bad for body. For example I control sugar, oil and salt consumption in diet, did exercise by walking everyday to workplace and work safely in laboratory (by appreciating gloves, face mask, hygienic condition, fire alert and etc). However I am lazy to take notice in things that good for me. I ate less vegetable because I'm not good in cooking. This year resolution is to continue my healthy lifestyle and eat more veggie even by force. InsyaAllah fruit too.. hehe

In 2014 I did nutrition check and find out i'm lack of mineral iron 3 times lower than required. Now I'm still searching a good iron supplements. Would like to find one that are not too expensive and halal. InsyaAllah.. 

A friend recently gives me 2 bottles of Scott emulation for my fever. I figure out it does help fasten my recovery than usual. I recover as fast 3 days instead of the usual 2 weeks or more that many people realize I got flu for too long. It rich with vit A, D, E,  K and omega 3. Thinking it quite a good supplement I would like to try it longer and see the outcome. I already buy 4 bottle for my own stock. Peoples complained it has fishy smell, but for me it test like mayonnaise and I like it.

Now i also start to take honey in daily life. I experience a bad cough recently and taking about 3 types of coughing syrup and some medicine. It does help to stop the cough but seems too rough for my tonsil. I try taking honey and alhamdulillah it is very helpful, delicious and not hurting my tonsil. I consume Golden glory and Capilano brand honey.

Anyway, I'm still tend to more confident in balance diet over taking supplement. But due to time consuming and resources, taking supplement is a good idea. 

Human, shouldn't we be very grateful for the blessing of food that are delicious and a cure. Alhamdulillah ya Allah you are the greatest creator!

2. Improve our life doing business
Alhamdulillah with Allah blessing last year we bought 3 houses. They are nice house under market value. I only learn about how to buy a house recently when it lead us to invest into a rental house business. Alhamdulillah the starting was smooth and we now have one good family to rent our first house.

I am so grateful to Allah for His help to lead us into this. Our family has never have our own house as we live in company quarters all this times. Mum has longed to buy a house but dint have the opportunity as it was very expensive and we have limited info about available house for sale. With bad economy the company has no choice but to cut it workers. Thus we take precaution to seek for a house in that critical condition and with Allah's planning He lead us to buy a house near my sister workplace which is 5 time cheaper than a house at our place. While searching for our first house I excitedly share to mum about nice house under market value. My brilliant mum decided we should invest into rental business.

Indeed, knowledge is power, it really help in your daily life and ease your way to earn halal rezqi. InsyaAllah I will learn and working harder to improve my family life. Amin..

3. Try harder to be sincere, khusyuk, and do more ibadah.
My previous principle is to do basic ibadah but making it the best as possible.  I try to do solat on time, reading Quran and translation few pages, recite Al mathurat during weekend and keep away bad talk. I didnt do much ibadah sunnat nor focus in sunnah Rasulullah. Times and tiredness is what makes me thought it should be a best way. And I think it is not right for those who did too much ibadah but ignore their family to not even have time to talk, entertain or even taking care the needs of their family. In Al Quran it saying to be kind toward parents and it also what a faithful muslim should do. Seeing that I say, I don't want to be like them and its not a right thing to do. However when times pass I realize that Im the one who did too little ibadah. I am worst than them to feel comfortable with the little ibadah and not trying harder. Even with the basic ibadah I ALWAYS2 late for subuh. Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me a heart that feel guilty whenever I late for subuh. I will try to improve subuh prayer because I feel blessed the whole day if I do subuh on time. Alhamdulillah it lead me to think "if I do more ibadah sunnat will it improve my basic ibadah?" And it does! I still didn't do much but does help me very much. I found out, it didn't tiring, not time consumption and ease my heart. In my routine I add solat sunat fardhu, Al mathurat at morning and evening, witir, tahajud and puasa sunnat which I rarely do previously. I hope Allah will grant me hidayah which I try hard to gain. May He will not turn my heart and may I die only as a Muslim. Amin..

4. Be kinder to mum
I am mum's daughter. Even I am old now I still very clingy and plying around like small kids with mum. We playing piggy back at kitchen and I still sleep on her lap. Mum suffers too much and works very hard for us. I want to make her happy return the favor even I know it will never enough. I want to be kind, patient and fulfill her dream. Amin...

My mum is a kind person. She is soft, not bad tempered, easy going, work hard, strict, generous, a good business woman and she is faithful Muslim. She is my mentor of what I want to be. Sometimes I wonder how she able to do all the things she do which I hardly can do. With comparisons:

Mum: Work in a factory
Me: Work in laboratory

Mum: Solat subuh, maghrib and isya at surau
Me: Solat at home. 

Mum: Do puasa sunat every monday thursday and all that she knew
Me: I seldom do. Thanks to my BFF for always reminding me about puasa sunnat.

Mum: She do many solat sunnat Duha, witir, solat sunat fardhu and etc.
Me: I only perform that solat sunnat recently and I rarely do solat duha as I will back to sleep after subuh. huhuhu..

Mum: She recites Al-Quran after subuh until its time for duha. So its about 6 pages of Al-Quran.
Me: I recite and read translation of Al-Quran only about 2-3 pages when I feel the urge of lying down.

Mum: She work at the factory and she have a small shop at home. She has business minded and she is successful even she only went to school until primary 3.
Me: I currently not do any part time, yet it quite tiring for me. Anyway would like to earn extra money if I got the opportunity.

Mum: She is a lovely and kind. She is generous in giving donation but spend little to herself and teach us to spend money, energy, resources wisely and recycle as possible. They are not just about saving money solely, but being grateful for the resources Allah gives us and the waste that might harm animals and plant. In mum small shop she didn't sell isreal boycott product, because she care for Palestine. Small step, but big heart.. I adore her very much.

I am not showing off, but that my mum! That why I admire and love her VERYX~ much. Thank you Allah..

Because I am very close to mum and she is too kind, sometimes I overstep the boundary. I love her but always being clingy. When I analyse my doing, I am not intending bad it just little bit selfish for the extra love and wanted good things for my family. huhuhu.. For example when I want mum to not being too busy whenever Im home, especially things like gardening and spending too much time with the chickens while I have to be at home to take care of her shop, so we can't spend much time together. Also whenever I ask her to reduce the consumption of sugar and salt and she said that is not delicious etc. Forgive me mum, you know I love you very much...

This is almost like mum n me =P

5. Write my experience and memory
Since a kid I always love to write rather than telling my story. I have my own diary since I was primary 5. When flash back the memory, I feel grateful that I have a good life to remember. Not all rosy but here I am still breathing healthily in a peaceful place and spending the blessing and chances that Allah give me. Alhamdulillah..

When flash the memory I feel the urge to write and share my experience. For my future reading so I wont forget it, to appreciate the peoples around me, my story might be a lesson to anyone and to share if it may beneficial for other to know. Plus to spend my time wisely rather than watching drama too much.

Grateful with life 

6. Read more tazkirah
My iman is too fragile that I easily forgetful and careless. But usually advice and good article can help me repent and learn. I did found some good tazkirah blog but many are inactive.  Still searching for more tazkirah blog

7. Memorize the short surah
It seems I forget some short surah. Sural Al-Alaq for example. So I need to learn back to see whether I recite with complete phrases, correctly and smoothly. I feel happy to use variety of surah in solat. =D 

8. Be stronger, consistent and strict
All the things above are what I hope can bring the good in me. I am bad but always wanted to be a good muslim and daughter. My Iman is too fragile that I really have to work hard to seek for hidayah. May Allah help me. 

Heart, be strong!

p/s: The post for new year resolution is quite late, but hopefully the changing is consistent and the outcome is good. May Allah ease the path and soften the heart of all peoples who want to change for good. amin... 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Fortunate Is He Nasheed Lyrics

Fortunate is he
Who remembers Allah abundantly
Worldly distractions cannot mildly sway
His thoughts of Allah and Judgement day

Righteous is he
Who bows to one he cannot see
Whose deeds do not spring without Bismillah
Fulfilling his tasks with perfect taqwa

Devout is he
Who supplicates to Allah intensively
Whose heart is merciful, tender and kind
His gaze on life after, this world behind

Prosperous is he
Who spends his wealth on the poor and needy
Who speaks a kind word to kin and neighbour
Ever-grateful for Allah's favours

Guided is he
Who prays salaat with punctuality
Early morning, tahajjud he prays
For Allah's pleasure and nearness he craves

God-fearing is he
Who contemplates death early
Who starts as he sees his demise
And tears fall over wasted sacrifice

Blessed is he
Who sings Allah's praises fervently
Blessed be all alf of Allah's slaves
Allah's mercy be with them always


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