I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Interesting @ Important??

We have learned about creativity and innovation with Dr Siri Roland. Different from Mr. Barjoyai, he stressed more about creativity and innovation in scope of business. Creativity is coming up with idea, while innovation is bringing idea to life. In business creativity leads to innovation in order to fulfill the needs of customer and market. Innovation can arrive from unexpected occurrence, incongruities, process needs, market changes and knowledge based concept.  

       During Dr Roland class, he assigns us to think about a business that we want to do and tell the class whether the business is important or interesting. Important business is such as the grocery, petrol station, public transport, pharmacy, and restaurant. Intresting business is such as the magazine company, handphone business, fast food restaurant, boutique, and jewelry shop. The important business will easily maintain their business because the product that they offer is important and necessary in everyday life. On the other hand, the interesting businesses have to make strategies on how to keep their business on going and able to compete with the important business.  For example the handphone businesses have to always come out with different style, function and trend in order to attract customer to buy their product.

       When we were given such question, I would like to build a boutique for women. I want the boutique located at my hometown, at Sabah. At Sabah, tailor shop is very popular and busy especially during Eid season. Different from other tailor shop, my boutique will have more design for traditional wear, office attire and also wedding dress. Other than that, my boutique will have ready made cloth, tailoring services, shoes, hand bag, accessory for women and also offer fashion guidance. My shop will also have own brand for our product which I called “sapina”. I would like to be more focus on woman as I think it is more profitable because women are more concern on their attire. In addition I want my shop to be special by more focus in women attire.

       Actually boutique is classified as interesting business where human can still live without using beautiful dress. But nowadays when most people are more care about their attire, the boutique business are become more significant. In addition wearing suitable suit is important when going to interview, work, at meeting, conference and for wedding. So, I think my shop is an interesting business, but yet important and profitable.

       For me, the topic "important @ interesting" is an important topic rather than an interesting subject. I think that we must really think of this issue before running a business. If we want to run an important business make it interesting to attract more customer, while if we want to run an interesting business makes sure it is still important that at least you have customers to maintain your business.

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