I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Today all of us have done a presentation on our project. There are nine groups with nine creative and innovative ideas. My group which is xx power presents our Eco-PALF project. Alhamdulillah, with the knowledge from the communication skill, we are more confident to do the presentation. I am so happy today that I think I have improved my presentation skill.  Actually, like always, I am very nervous today as this is our final presentation and it is a big day for us. During the early of my presentation, I am shaky and I don’t dare to do the eye contact to audience. But at the middle of my presentation, there is someone that said “yup, ok….” and then I look at her and I can see that someone is really interested in our presentation, and she really listen to me. I really appreciate that and thus I make an aye contact to her and I felt more confident and I end my presentation smoothly. Alhamdulillah and thanks, Miss Sita!!

Today presentation is quite fun, we have seen many creative idea from the BEST participant. Some of them making plastic from feather and food waste, there is group that proposed to make detergent from vegetable waste, artificial petroleum, and there are group that concern to make halal product of gelatin and fatty acid. What an innovative idea from the future scientist and entrepreneurs! It must be so great if every project and proposal come true, this is because all the project were about the concern and for the benefit of human, animals, as well the environment. This is what I understand form the project each group:

XX Power: The production of Eco-PALF.

It is the use of pineapple leaf fiber (PALF) as substitute of synthetic fiber. The unique properties of Eco-PALF are it is biodegradable, high adsorption properties, it derives from natural product, and it is cheap alternative of synthetic fiber. As the raw material which is the PALF is from agricultural waste, so the project will eventually help to recycle waste, reduce cost of managing waste, reduce the pollution and also it can help to increase income of the farmers. 

E-Cool: The Production of Phytomix Yogurt

It is the production of yogurt from the whole fruits with addition of herbs and many other creative flavors. The yogurt is different from other yogurt as it contains probiotic substance which can help the diabetic people.

Super Synergy: The Production of Biodegradable Plastic from Food Waste

The project really concern to the environment where they try to reduce the use of nondegradable plastic bag and also try to make use the food waste. From the presentation, they said that they will use special collected food waste that not contain the non halal food, so the biodegradable plastic will safe and be a good preference for the Muslim consumers.

Prodigy: The Production of Pectin from Koko

As gelatin is the main component in most products, include the cosmetic, food and paper industry so it is needed in high demand nowadays. The problem is, the source of gelatin is only from animal and most company produce gelatin from pig skin and bone as it is easy to get. However, it becomes problem to Muslim consumer as pig is non-halal food and some of the animals were not slaughtered properly in Islamic ways. It is also a concern to the vegetarian people and animal activist. To overcome this problem, the prodigy group comes out the idea of production of pectin from koko as alternative for gelatin.

Chimera: The Production of Fatty Acid from Microorganism.

Like prodigy, Chimera group also concern on halal product for Muslim. With their motto of “halal punya” they try to produce halal fatty acid from microorganism in substitute of fatty acid from animal especially pig.

Mc-bio: The Production of Multipurpose Cleaning Solution From Fruit Waste.

This group tries to produce multipurpose cleaning solution by fermenting the fruit waste. Different from the normal cleaning solution, their product were more environmentally friendly, biodegradable and cheap as it is produced from food waste. Other than the cleaning solution, Mc- Bio also wants to produce perfume and fertilizer from the fermented food waste.

Futura: The Making of Micro Combo Sprayer

The Futura group wants to create micro combo sprayer which is a kit that can be used as a composing waste machine. The kit is mainly to be used at home where domestic waste were put in the machine and composed is to become fertilizer. By doing this, it can help to reduce the domestic waste from every household besides to educate people on managing waste and recycling.

Bioself: Feastic

The feastic word is derived from the word feather and plastic. Their project is about the production of bioplastic from chicken feather. Like the Super Synergy group, the Bioself group also concern on the use of synthetic plastic and thus trying to produce biodegradable plastic. However, differ from the Super Synergy group, they made the bioplastic from the feather of the chicken. As chicken is at everywhere in Malaysia, they will easily obtain their raw material and by doing this project, it can really help in recycling the chicken feather.

Pecah mental: the production of artificial petroleum.

This group tries to produce artificial petroleum from the agricultural waste. Petroleum is an essential fuel but nonrenewable source and the amount is continuously decreasing from day to day. So this group trying to solve this problem by making the artificial petroleum from the agricultural waste, which is as compatible to the real petroleum, more cheaper and eco friendly. In addition this project also can help to recycle the agricultural waste.

 What I can see today is, everyone seems doing their best in presentation, improved in presentation and communication skill, and also everyone dress smart and professionally. Thanks to the communication and grooming module that we really learn lot of things and using the knowledge, we improved ourself. Alhamdulillah..

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