I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 10 January 2011

Creative and Innovative

        We have learned about creative thinking from Prof. Barjoyai. He has brought a Doraemon bag that contains many weird and amazing stuff. Among the amazing things are the 3in1spectacle that can be used as MP3 and camera, also the stainless steel soap that can remove all odor, a magnetic flexible screw driver, and a distance measuring probe.

        Creativity is the ability to discover new relationship, to look at the subject from new perspective and to form new combination from two or more concept.  From what we learn, we can force to generate creative thinking. It is by maximizing the use of right and left brain. The right brain is use to think creatively such as music, image, emotion, tune of song, dimension, pattern and also when we day dreaming. While the left brain is use to think logically such as math, lyric, analysis, symbol, language, linearity and words of song. Other than that, unconscious mind and intuition are also important elements in creative thinking.

        Creativity can lead to the idea of innovation. Innovation is improvements to something that already exist. Among the method to creating culture of innovation is “the five disciplines of innovation. It contains five important aspects which are the important customer and market needed, value creation, innovation champion, innovation team and organizational alignment.

        We also learn about the balance thinking approach which is the seven hats thinking. It is a seven different color of hat which is the white, red, black, green, blue, yellow and the grey hat. The white hat is thinking about data and information, the red hat reflects about emotion, the black hat considering about the negative conscious while the yellow hat is the about positive thinking,  the green hat solve problem creatively, the blue hat that ask for summary and conclusion and lastly the grey hat is about spiritual side. By using the hat theory, we can solve problem using our critical thinking and considering all the good and negative aspect in order to obtain the best solution. It also allows us to get right away from argument in order to get more productive discussion.

        As a conclusion, creativity is important in our life because it bring many improvement, technologies, machine and makes our life easier. Many scientist and business man is creative person, where they can imagine machines that never exist before.

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