I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A happy blogger =)

Today I am a happy blogger! It is because I have download a widget for Garfield comic strip on my blog. I am someone that quite naive in computer, gadget and etc. so I never knew that it is possible! Hehe.. Other than Garfield comic strip, I also download a cat clock widget which I found very cute and I named it as ‘Troy & Olen’s clock’ taken after the name of my new kitties. 

Another widget that amazed me is feedgit. I found it after visiting my friend's blog (puteri bongsu). Feedgit report about the visitors of our blog. What make me really amazed and exited is, because it telling me that there are visitors form foreign country that visit my blog. It is quite laughable to say that the visitors might accidentally just click on my blog because of matching key words. Haha.. =P Then I will try to be a good blogger that the visitors will visit again. =)

Anyway, blogging is quite useful and fun! I started blogging because of assignment, but I think I will active in my blog again. InsyaAllah.. =)

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