I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I'm Tired of You Guys Fighthing!

      Last week, on Sunday which is my rest day, I'm wasting 2 hour of my precious time begging my cat to get down from the rooftop.  Labu, he not dare to climb down but continue meowing while staring at me who also exhausted meowing in human tone.

      Few month ago Troy, she trapped on the rooftop for 2 days.  The same situation occur with many observers as she trapped at the store in front of my house. The roof is too high for me to reach, but just when I'm looking for a ladder, my kind neighbor offer to rescue. Thanks neighbor! =)

Troy on the rooftop of a store......

......and after she get down, she smell weird 

      Another day, Monsta  he sleep on the rooftop. He stuck since 9pm but, I'm afraid to go outside as it already late. That night Monsta meowing and several time I meowing back calling him to get down. That night, I just cannot sleep with the eerie sound made by Monsta. I text sms to sis at 3am complaining my situation. The next day after I returned from work, he still up there and again I'm begging him to get down. I even have to refuse a dinner invitation in order to save the poor Monsta. Deep inside I think I'm much pitier.

      The above story is about my 4 cats who always have misunderstanding, argument, misconception and fight with the neighbor dog gang. 4 cats vs 4 dogs, and Im the one who mental and physically suffer between the fight. huhu...

Cat gang.......

She is the eldest in cat gang. She quite brave and timid that the first time she met dogs, she not afraid and ignoring them as thereat or dangerous while the dogs confused to see Troy for the first time. However she also experience being chased by dogs that after I forgot to bring her in. The timid Troy starlet for few days that make me laugh heavily because a timid and bully Troy will shrink after hear dog barking. Anyway, now she have no problem with dogs and always she tease and play with them.

The gorgeous and feminine cat is always kind and generous. At first she just observe the dog gang from inside house but after know that the dogs are actually harmless, she go outside and have a close look on them. She not hissing thus the dogs know that Olen is kind and lovely. But yet, the feminine and gorgeous Olen was misunderstood by a hen and the chicken chase and peck poor Olen. Now Olen become a good friend to dogs, but she still traumatize with chickens.

Labu is a poor cat that have suffer allot because of dogs. When he still very small (maybe few weeks old) I found him being bullied by the neighbor dogs. Because of that he really hate and afraid to dog. Several times I try to introduce him to dog (so they will know each other and not hurting him), but still he cannot accept them in his heart.

I dont know what Monsta have went through, but like Abu he just cannot trust dog.

Dog gang........

Baby is a very kind and friendly dog. He know that it is bad to hurt my cats and he always very kind towards them. He very close with Troy and Olen and he just dont understand why Monsta and Labu hissing everytime he try to approach.

Musang is kind but not very friendly. She neither like nor hate cats, she just do her own thing and ignoring others.

The leader of the gang is very manly and macho. He shows a good example to his fellow dogs that my cats are also neighbor and cannot be harmed. When my cat hissing, he just ignore them and sometimes he step backward.

The young dog just try to explore world. With cat that hissing, he will bark and when they running he will chase them and sometimes he is the one who afraid of cat. Anyway he never do bad thing to may cats.

Pakcik Tua
The late old dog were really respected by younger dogs. Even he is creepy old, no dogs dare to over him and they will dismiss by just a barking from him. Yet the Old Pakcik Tua is very kind towards cats. May he R.I.P.

My opinion......

      It was my cats who misunderstood the neighbor dogs. Maybe because they take more precaution to the bigger and beastly looking dog. By time hopefully they will make peace and reconcile. I'm just very tired of them fighting and stuck in the rooftop. And what more depressing while I'm begging my cat to get down, besides me there were dogs who also watching and waiting! huhu..

Do you know that??

When touched by dog in dry condition, no need to sertu. However if either one or both (dog @ touched area) are wet, it is obligate (wajib) to sertu the touched area.

Sertu is a process of cleaning and purifying heavy najis (najis mughallazah). The process of cleaning is by pouring one portion of mixed soil-water, then followed by 6 portion of water to the affected area. The cleaning must remove smell, colour or taste of the najis.

As Muslim, we just cannot touch dog but never Islam told us to hate or torturing dog. Like us, Dog is also His creation that belong to live on earth.

A Muslim can have dogs for the purpose of hunting, searching criminal, guarding place and etc that beneficial to us. However, dog is still treated as najis mughallazah.

Alhamdulillah, with the 4 dogs at my neighborhood, I feel safer at house. Thanks dogs! Anyway, please be kind towards my cats. hehe..


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