I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Born in September

      Alhamdulillah, 7/9 is my happy and special day. It is the day that I born to the world long long time ago. My age has pass teenage world and I now is adult. hehe.. There is time when I asked mum how I born and mum told the incredible story to me.

      It was on evening mum at town doing businesses and selling things. She felt hurt in stomach and know she will give birth that day. Knowing that, she called taxi and rushed home as she afraid to give birth at hospital. Why? Because she really afraid if the hospital do mistakes that there is possibility her baby changed with other's. I was delivered in my aunt house with two of my aunts do the midwife work. We are twin with my bro come out first and I delivered few minutes later. Bro come out normal while I was in inverted position. They must be very careful so that my head not snapped off from my body. I can imagine mum was deadly in pain to deliver twin, inverted baby, with no anesthetic and what more mum said bro was FAT. hehe.. I know nothing can compare to what mum endure, but I really determined to at least repay her with love and make her proud. Amin...

One of my birthday card from sis. On my birthday, she gave me Al-Quran, Al-mathurat, Islamic book, cloth, shoes and etc that beneficial to me.  I know she love me, never stop to remind me and wake me if I got slack. TQVM sis for all the presents and for ALL. I love u, and I always do. =) 

      Thank you Allah (SWT) to give me chance to see the world until today. I am grateful for Your grace that I born in Islam, healthy and live in a peaceful country. Thank you mum to endure the pain that we able to born that day. Thank you for the great and loving family that I will never change them to anything in the world. I am proud to be born as tough as mum and modest like dad.

      To myself, use this opportunity given from God and live to the fullest. Appreciate what I have and work harder to be better. May He guide me to be better Muslim, to be better daughter and to be a better human. Amin....

“Oh turner of the hearts (Allah, the Most High), keep our hearts firm on your religion“. Amin..

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