I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 22 September 2013

A Sudden Goodbye

Thursday, early at 8.30am my friend told me that she have to quit her job. I'm very surprised that I repeatedly ask her for confirmation. Yes, she have to quit because she have to undergo treatment for her sickness. 

My friend started work 7 weeks ago at our company. We get close very fast and we were good as partner. We have started a project but yet she cannot stay until it finish. Its only 2 weeks before the project end. 

She have health problem that she just knew it recently. It have yet confirmed, but everyone think it is serious. She still very young in 20s and she the type who take care of her health. She is a strong girl and keep faith that its all have purpose for what has fated. 

On Friday we make farewell party for her. She was cheerful and strong that peoples around not feeling sad. On Saturday, she make breakfast with Sardine roll for us and thus our last day filled with comfort. 

Until the end she show her passionate in work. She still asking about everything, why is this, why it looks like that, how to determined it? Feeling pierced, I explain thoroughly like we will never parted. 

Before her I have another friend who quit the job. We also very close, but I never feel sad as I know she go for a better offer. But this friend, she have no other choice but to quit the job that she like.

My dear friend, for the 7 weeks I'm very comfortable with your kindness, soft spoken and of all I admire your courage and patient. I wish the result is good and you always in good health. Stay strong like you always have. May Allah S.W.T bless you and reward a better price for your patient. 

I shouldn't say it simply, but I hope the good words will give you strength. 
May Allah bless. Amin.. 

p/s- Be grateful for what we have today. Take care of our health, do the best in everything we do and appreciate life. Remember there's other who have no choice but to go on as fated.

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