I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Crying in sleep

I have several times cry in my sleep, in which I have bad dream about my family such as they die, fall from high hill (nauzubillah), or dream about my late cats that come and visit.

After maybe a year, today I wake up crying hardly over a dream that not related to me. My dream was like this:

I was at sidewalk of a building when I saw a man giving food to one thin kid age about 7 years old. The kid feels grateful and says his thanks to the man. I continue walking along behind the kid (maybe we coincidentally to a same route) and we arrive at one passage near the building. The passage is actually a narrow space between two different buildings that dirty and muddy since it was raining that time.

Since the rains pour heavily, the thin kid rush towards a small pallet wood that seems like a self made shelter. He worriedly checks on another kid that was his little brother. The little brother seems little bit afraid since the heavy rain cause water flood over their pallet wood that they use as basement. He stands on the wood while the older brother fix more layers of boxes to increase its height.

At this point I suddenly pour with tears seeing the 2 siblings living in the poor condition. Then I overheard a woman said (she was about 1m from me) that the man that give them food will adopt the two. She said the man was a student that yet finished his study after many years he should graduate. He is poor (as he still a student) yet he adopt 7 child and the woman wonder if he could afford them in his condition and if he able to concentrate in his study.

I keep on crying heavily on how poor the two. I flash back on my own life where I was raised in a company's wooden house that was not beautiful but very comfortable to live. I said I’m grateful over the things I have and the two are very pitiful. I also admire their care for each other in their rough journey.

While still crying, sobbing and feel very sad I wake up to find that it was actually a dream. I wipe my tears and try to flash back the dream. The dream does teach me allot but seems I happened to read the story.

I don’t know surely but the dream are combination of several story, article, post that I read from the internet. It was combination of the posts below:

1. An orang utan that was kept illegally in a small passage between buildings
2. A teacher who admire one of his student that care for his little brother
3. Flood in many states in Malaysia
4. A story about kids that live in small flat house.

So overall its all about what I read. Anyway it still a good lesson to me and I sincerely cry in my dream. 

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