I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Saturday, 4 February 2017

To Botak, by Cheetah

This is Botak

This is Cheetah

Botak rule the house

Cheetah the loudest sleeping in peace

Cheetah does love Botak even though Botak are very harsh to him

But sometimes Botak just accept the pestering Cheetah =)

Botak.. Botak.. and Botak…
It sound bad, weird and the meaning is not as cool it sound,
The name used by gangster, thug and most bad cat, cruel cat,
But he is here, with me and a nightmare to me.

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
A cat who just lazy, bad tempered and not good at anything nor for anything,
With the 5kg weight he can’t climb high like us,
The old man is tootless on his upper gum,
He just little bit handsome and slightly cute I guess,
But above all he has no balls at all spayed.

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
I heard he and his sister is actually not our real family,
That they come to grandma house to eat food repeatedly,
The sister was taken back, but Botak not willing to back,
He stays even few attempts to bring him back to the real owner,
The shameless Botak stay and regards himself as apple of the eyes, 
Wheak… I just want to throw up imaging that rotten apple!!

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
He came to our house November last year,
He was precisely banished from the village/ country because grandma can’t stand the chaos he made,
I heard he is a gangster that he live by eating raw chickens alive,
Legend said he ate more than 100 chickens in his lifetime!!
That made his current body,
With the haram and stolen food, I wonder if that make his tamper todays.

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
Who are you to spank us with your big pow?
To scold us at our limelight and sunny days,
To not let us eat, walk, laugh nor even breathe,
We are cats! For God sake, 
Mammals breathe with lungs while toad the amphibian breathe using his moist skin, 
In either ways, every creation has the right in this independent country!

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
When sis throw treat for me, you run for it, spank me hardly and snatch my treat!
When you were around I have to lower my voice, my head and even breath silently because you hate it all about me,
I remember before you come, I used to sung loudly to be entitled as the loudest or ‘si bising’,
Grandma said she cannot stand my voice but I know she actually admire me,
But you Botak, you never once sing for the family, when they need the most is entertainment from us. 
So now there is no love song in the house and I know how sis misses my lovely voice. 

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
I saw you spank everyone,
I saw you spank our eldest Lion, thus I afraid you more.
But to my weird why you scared of Mr Tuxe????
When Mr Tuxe comes to invade the house you run away cowardly while it was abang Lion that protect the house with all he have,
With just the glimpse of Mr Tuxe, you already urinate at your butt. 

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
After almost 1 year with you, I cannot stand the torture anymore,
By hook or by crook, I must gain back my spot in my own house,
So one day I Rebel and shout at you loudly “I CANNNOTTT SSSTTANDDD TTHISS AANYYMORRE!!!”
Having a natural loud voice that admired by all, I finally said it clearly when I realize that the amazing botak is harmless. 
The next day, whenever you try to throw tantrum and want to spank me, I again use my loud voice to warn you “DONTTTTT MAAAKKKEEE FOOOOLLLL OUTT OFFFF MEEEE!!!!!”, Got ya???,
Knowing you afraid of my voice, I upgrade my rebel the next day by spanking you little,
And now you never look down on me.. hua hwa hwa bhwa wa wa wa.. 

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
Our life is like a wheel, sometimes you on the top but sometimes you at the bottom. 
That is us, yesterday you are strong, but today I’m on the top. hua hwa hwa bhwa wa wa wa..

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
Im not a bad or arrogant cat, but you make me one,
Just like in Korean drama, I am a hero that seeks for revenge. Hihihihihi
I just want justice, that when the treat was thrown at me, it is for me not you,
When the treat thrown at you, I promise I won’t ever snatch what is yours, even though I always steal from sis and grandma. 
Allow me to sing and be a successful singer, You go ahead with your ambition instead, 
Please respect me as you want me to respect you

Botak.. Botak and Botak..
Let us make peace in the house,
And give good example to our younger siblings,
To ensure our family live happyly ever after,
And lets pray that sis will healthy and have a good sum of rezeki to share with us..
And she ask us to pray that she hope she can be a good Muslim that grateful to Allah SWT,
Let’s make dua for her, Ameen… 

For the peace of the house 
Cheetah@ achee@ Balche@ Si Bising 

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