I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 3 March 2016

This Could Lead to Misunderstanding @^@

Example 1: Misunderstanding occur when you trapped in bad timing where human tend to think logically based on what he saw

Example 2: Misunderstanding occur because of human limitation to only able see things in certain limit of distance

Yesterday I've been alone in bio lab since my friend take leaves for few days. It’s a busy day since morning to 5pm with the many samples to check, making agar, washing apparatus while many stock solution must be prepare. Anyway, I never feel bad as I love biology very much and I enjoy doing lab work than paper work only. hehe

After lunch, I start doing autoclaving, boiling agar, packing agar and uv-ing lamina flow to disinfect before pouring agar later. After inserting 16 packs of petridish into the lamina flow, I switch on the UV lamp and reach to my phone to set-up timer. Walking to my office to wait for the UV, I saw a new message, "Eh, why didn't I heard the phone ringing?". I turn on mobile data when suddenly a weird ringing come out from my phone after a new whatapp message come in. "no wonder I didn't hear the sound, it change automatically to short sound".

Knowing the notification sound is too short and weak, I try to find another sound that is louder. Since I was busy, I plan to use any loud sound rather than searching for the sound that I usually use. That because it is more complicated and I didn't remember it name. So I try 3 sounds after randomly scrolling and choosing.

While I immersed choosing the sound, suddenly I heard the lab door opened. Looking from the glass window I saw a man wearing a plaid shirt. I stood up from my chair went outside when I saw the man is actually our director, precisely one of the biggest shareholder in the company or the second highest rank in our multinational company.

I welcome him with good evening, and he starts conversation asking about machine in lab. I told him this and that. I found out that the director is quite a humble man.

What make I almost burst to laughter is, when I immersed choosing loud ringtone, coincidentally big boss was coming. He may misunderstood that I’m playing phone without knowing 5 minutes before that Im working busily since morning and that I actually taking breath waiting for the lamina floor to finish uv-ing and there will be bunch of work after that! Just a few second it may make a bad impression.

Anyway that not what is matter, it just a quite coincident to make me think out of blue.

  • Sometimes we want this but we got that- Allah know what is best
  • We work hard but people may not see- Allah see and reward everything
  • People may misunderstood due to human limitation- Allah know everything, everything happen for a reason and He is the All-knowing and Wise.
  • Sometimes even you work hard, destiny play it part- No regret when tawakkal in heart.

So behave ourself sincerely,  even sometimes misunderstanding might occur that peoples interpret differently. Be sincere, honest, humble, kind and workhard for yourself, family and make work as ibadah. Give your best in any way. All praises to Allah that all blessing is from Him, and pleasing the Creator is priority.

Sometimes things are just obvious, he is what he always be =P

*In the end my boss seems didn't misunderstood as we just talk normally, or he may just a kind and humble     man.
*It is a blessing that throughout my carer from being a part timer until now all the bosses that I work with         are those who kind, humble and caring. Alhamdulillah.. 

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