I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Its Your Mum or Me ?!

The world with cat

Last week mum visit and spend 7 days with me. As always, my not socialize cats little bit afraid of mum. This is mum's second visit, so Lion, Tiger and Olen little bit chill than the prior visit. Cheetah however is still not able to get close to other human. During mum visit Botak (mum's cat that she gave me since he keep hunting life chickens at kampung) is on heaven able to meet his love ones, Lion and Olen also quite happy to know mum is another person that can feed them, Tiger on the other hand still little bit insecure and just watch mum from far and spend her time mostly outside. Cheetah however couldn't accept the presence of other human in our house and didn't back for two days interval. When he back, I have to close the cat door to force him finish his food before he leaving. 

However after mum back, Cheetah still not back for about 9 days. I'm quite worry and search for him at the back yard and the old store house afraid if he trapped as what happened to Babu. However the next day when I back from work, he loudly (He has the most loud voice among my cats) greeting me. I feel very happy and grateful that Cheetah is back. I check if he has any injury and turn out he is all fine. We took few snap of selfie but cheetah is too hungry for that and immediately went eating at the bowl.

Selfie with Mr Cheetah

On 10th days, I spotted a small (about 2cm diameter) wound at his butt and put ointment on it. As what happened during mum first visit where Cheetah only back after he got burned pow. It seems his principle wont allow him to live under a roof with mum and he willing to leave the house temporarily and only back when he is injured. 

Cheetah is not independent cat. He not good in mousing and didn't like eat mouse (among all my cats only Tiger did hunting). Also in my neighborhood there are many stray dogs which makes searching leftover seems impossible and dangerous for a cat. 

I keep worry if my cat didn't back for few days which makes 9 days is way too long. During mum visit I did introduce mum to all my cats but when mum doing housework such as grinding or sweeping, the cats thought mum is aggressive human. Mum love cats but she is too busy to persuade or entertain the cats. Now all seems used to mum except Cheetah where it seems he makes me to choose between him or mum. Huhu..  Ill do better next time and makes Cheetah to accept mum. Cheetah, why cant we just be happy! 

p/s: I am the happiest when mum came. Really hope if only mum just stay with me forever. Above-all I'm grateful for mum visit and another chance to create memory with mum. Alhamdulillah =D

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