I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Mr Tuxe lost to Lion

My previous post has mentioned Mr Tuxe the infamous, mannerless but handsome gangster cat that always came to cause ruckus at our house. However these few days he seems didnt come.

On 31 Dec, while it havoc of people partying for new year,  lion and Mr tuxe also seems having their own's a grand final battle. I think it was 8pm when Mr tuxe wanted to come in but unfortunately stopped by lion who guarding at the cat entrance. Lion start hissing at Mr tuxe, when I shoo them to stop the fight. Since I was there, lion seems want to show off his braveness and start chasing Mr tuxe into bush.

They start their grand fight which are the loudiest I think. Cheetah, Olen, listening gruesomely to the fight. I think it was about 30 min, when I saw lion came back with mud and scratch all over his body. He seems OK except looks very tired and all that scratches which are normal for lion.

It is responsibility of pet owner to save their pet

It times for diner but lion seems too exhausted to even eat. I blab to lion for always fight with Mr tuxe. Lion is a good cat. He dosent like to wondering at others houses and I think he never went as far 30m from our house. However he is the bravest to protect our house from any invader. He never fight any other cats other than Mr tuxe who cames to our house. Even his big Bro abang monsta and botak likes to pick fight,  lion just let go and gave in to prevent fight. So all the scratches are caused by Mr tuxe.

With my beloved lion =))

Cheetah however is a coward that just hide whenever he sees danger. When Mr tuxe came, he will just hide silently. When he get slapped by Mr tuxe,  he just run away. However this coward boy are actually adventures. I think he went as far 200-400m away. He didn't good in mousing and didnt like eating it.  So his journey is purely to jolly his life. Maybe it is his motto "jauh perjalanan,  luas pemandanhan". After the very looong journey,  he is the one who seems most hungriest and tired every time he back home. Cheetah seldom has wound or scratches. 

Back to Mr tuxe,  its the fifth days of new year and Mr tuxe never show up. Maybe that night was their final battle that the victory goes to lion. Yesterday however I hear Mr tuxe voice singing sad soprano song from far place.  His female like voice that is very sweet to hear.

After about 3 month abusing us finally Mr tuxe surrender to my brave lion. During every night of their battle (2-4time every night), I have to wake up to break up the fight. Its not because I couldn't stand the noise, instead I considering the neighbors may distracted in their sleep.

Oddly some pets are very noisy at night 

To Mr tuxe, we (maybe its only me) didnt hate you. Do come anytime to eat, I consider it as an opportunity for me to be kind toward His creature. I also sincerely appreciate your intrude visit at night to wake me up forcing me for tahajud, because naturally I hardly wake up. Come as a friendly cat, Im willing to accept you especially when you are good at doing your poo business outside house. 

Note: talk about the devil.  He just have a hissing fight just now. Sigh...... Its really him. As usual the timing 11.30pm - 12am. He not able to get in I guess -_-

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