I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hurt & The Cripples

Tiger, my female cat didn't show up after mum comes for visit. She is the most dependable, independent and skillful mouser in the house compare to her 3 Bro. After about 2 weeks she comes up with crippled left hind leg. She is all good and healthy however.  

Botak, mum's cat that she brought thousands miles from hometown due to the problem he stirred at kampung. He hunt chickens that are rendered dearly for human food but botak though it was for him. Anyway botak also hurt at this moment.  I tripped his leg unintentionally when opening a door not realizing he was behind it. And it was yesterday he fought with the Mr tuxe who is a gangster that have no manner. Botak injured his front leg and make him double cripple today.  

Lion, the most protective among us. He never allow Mr tuxe to freely vandalize the house as his own. When Mr tuxe comes other will just hide frightened anywhere. Lion instead give warning with his loud voice,  and if it not working he fight it with his whole body. Yup, whole body! Not even an inch of his body not covered with wound (cat scratch). I love this protective cat, he is a real lion to the invader and just as sweet and very nice cub to me and is the most pampered among all.

Lion, not an inch witout scratches 

All my cat always wondering around as they please, but eventually back every day for dinner or whenever I was home. However yesterday cheetah coming back after 3 days of absent because he didn't want to share house with mum during her short visit. Mum also love cat, but cheetah is just arrogant and not sociable to human. Guess what, Cheetah came with double cripple at front and hind leg. And with bonus they are burnt paws. He might stepped on burning piles at other place.

The burn paw of Mr cheetah 

I'm speechless on how they all hurt and cripples.  All the 5 cats in the house are cripple and wounded except Olen who wouldn't go far from the house.  

However alhamdulillah its nothing serious and I laughed for it. Yup, they did cripple, burnt and wounded. But they all healthy,  glutton, playful and noisy enough for me to laugh instead worrying them. Alhamdulillah none are serious that need vet help. 

Still wondering of what can I do to help the all 4 cripples at my house? My cat who exploring the world and hurt themselves on the way. I cannot confine them in house as it is also hell for them and me. 

Mr tuxe who always come eating food and abusing my cat. It is ok to eat, but cant you be just polite? He comes 2-4 times every night (10pm, 12am, 2am, 4am) enough to disturb my sleep. Yet he seems helpful to wake me for tahajud. alhamdulillah.. Maybe that is the benifit behind the disturbance. There also few times when I just decided to do puasa sunat just because I wake at 4am and the time is good enough to sahur. and there is also times when I late for dawn prayer because of the sleepless night cause by Mr tuxe. May Allah accept my ibadah which by unconsciously forced lead by Mr tuxe and may He forgive me of where I lack. Second opinion I force myself struggling seeking for hidayah and Mr tuxe as initiator. Amin..

Oh my cripples, take care of yourself and be good. I hope you all healthy and I will try to provide enough for you as I can. May Allah give us good health, fortune and we live happily together. And we shall be grateful for the endless blessing He give that we happy as today. Alhamdulillah.=)

Note: Alhamdulillah still breathing. May we grateful for the blessing 2015 and appreciate the coming 2016. Happy new year with new resolutions =) 

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