I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Police Day

This morning while choosing dress for work, unlike usual, I choose my PDRM cooperate T-shirt. It is not my favorite because I have to wear inner since the shirt hand is short. Maybe the last time I’m wearing it was last year (3 months ago).

At lab while working on clean bench, I’m listening to a radio program. It talks about PDRM history and one of the DJ mention about national police day. “Oh, today is police day? Coincidently I’m wearing my PDRM shirt” I told my lab mate while I myself also amazed. It recalled the old memory which I treasure dearly.

Even though I am not a police officer, I have special attachment with PDRM. I was once a member of SUKSIS, stand for kor sukarelawan polis siswa siswi or undergraduate police volunteer. We wear the same uniform like the police officer except for the rank button/accessory. We also exposed with police syllabus, activity, lifestyle and regulation. Learned about weapon (M16 and revolver), material arts and marching which is a must for police.  I will write about my experience in SUKSIS another time… =)

Since today is national police day, I also want to congratulate all the Malaysian Royal Police for being in this noble profession to keep Malaysia safe from crime and disturbance. Honestly not everyone has the gut to be one of them (to confess, I myself and Im not proud of it). They have strong in physical, mental and braveness to face and take down thug. They exposed themselves to danger while seeking for bad guy. The uniform is their pride making them look different in public eyes as someone that are dependable and trustworthy.

As the public we shall help the police by giving best cooperation to them. Don’t be mad when it little bit jammed during police road block. They might look for a dangerous bandit or a serial killer. Give cooperation when they check your belonging because they might looking for drug that can spoil the society. Don’t be rude while answering their question, they working hard enough under the hot sun to face your ugly behavior. Don’t think negatively when they take short break at a coffee shop, they also a human eat to recharge. When their voice little bit harsh, that because they are police. They live in a rough world dealing with more violent bandit. Shortly, we should not think too negatively about police because it is hindrance in their work to protect us.

Maybe some have bad experience with bad police, but not all like that. Many still work with sincerity and braveness that we not even dare. Be cautious as necessary but not rude or being too negative because we are being help by them indirectly. The police as well should appreciate our trust and support by improving thier efficiency and work ethically to increase their credibility in public eyes.

As the public, I’m grateful there are police and I appreciate what they have done. May Allah give them good health, strength and protection while doing their work. May also the sincerity, sacrifice and hard work will be reward awesomely by Him.

Isn’t amazing of what Allah reward us. Every human were given with different character, enthusiasm, hobby, physical, brain and emotion. That makes us being in different area but still dependable to each other. What I can say about police, I respect them for their braveness! MashAllah =)

Lastly enjoy Garfield comic strip: Caped avanger =p

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