I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 2 March 2015

Allah know

Garfield trying to deceive Jon to hide his bad deed..

..but who just don't know Garfield.. =)

In my life one thing that I keep advice myself is “Do everything with remembrance of Allah and do it with sincerity”. It is not a blabbing or a brainwash word but a good advice that make me a better human and Muslim. If not for Allah, I must be a bad person. The religion is guiding me. 

With that in mind, I don’t faking it to satisfy other. I will respect them and fulfill my responsibility, but I cannot act in a drama solely to tell them “hey, Im the best”, or panting extra hard to tell I am the most hardworking. I got to be sincere in my doing, not hiding my mistakes nor faking my action. 

I will do my best all the time. It is for my own good, my satisfaction, my inquiry, to be a better me towards the future. Ill do my best thinking of my family and myself as priority. I am going to do my best till the end, because I don’t practice laziness, I don’t think it is beneficial at all. Hardworking to do the best is one thing I am proud about myself. =)

Do things thinking of Allah, I incautiously collecting rewards and discipline myself. “don’t be late, work even if nobody watching, fulfill your responsibility, don’t be lazy, respect other, don’t fake, don’t badmouth, don’t be arrogant, don’t mad, don’t waste time, solat!” that what I tell myself. I am weak hearted but threes conscious to tell me don’t be bad. 

Alhamdulillah doing that in my daily life, other showing respect to my religion. An example, rather than continuous chatting unimportant things, I gently excuse myself to solat. The next time, it is them who excusing me for solat. When eat they show concern about halal issue, even little bit shy to speak up and make them worry, Im happy that they are more positive and understanding. Alhamdulillah.

However there is also challenging in following that advice. I do it sincerely for Allah, I won’t do dramas nor priories my aim to please other. The challenge is ‘Allah knows, but human don’t know’. It effect you in lifetime and you will amazed on how real world spin on its galaxy. (Over description, Hehe.. ). The one who know and with you will say “you doing your best, you work really hard, you are good, I amazed you willing to do that”, but the one that not see what you doing don’t know the real thing. Or the opposite situations where human evaluate what they see, told and hear even if it is an act. 

That a human limit in this big world. However In Sha Allah I keep walk in the same track. Whatever the evaluation I won’t regret, because I’ve done my best all I might and I am happy and satisfy with my hardwork. And above all, whatever it is cannot be exchange with my religion, my family and myself. 

At some point I feel disappoint and sigh “Allah know but human don’t know”. But some part telling me “human don’t know, but Allah know, if I’m sincere that it should be”. Alhamdulillah it encourage me “Im going to work harder, give all my best, again for myself, my family and ill do it sincerely with remembrance of Allah”. In sha Allah, amin.. =)

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