I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


While arranging documents in my computer, clicking in the ‘study file’ and I randomly read on things that I learnt while in university. Then I reach to this document which is one of my assignments for subject organization behavior. I couldn’t remember the exact question but I think it ask “based on your experience what activity can motivate peoples in an organization”. Thus here is my submitted answer. Hehehe…


In my life, activity that I think motivates me the most is when I am joining SUKSIS. SUKSIS is stands for Kor Sukarelawan Polis Siswa Siswi or Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corp. The idea of establishing SUKSIS was inspired by YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Hj. Ahmad Badawi, the 5th Malaysian Prime Minister. The establishment of SUKSIS corps in Malaysian Higher Learning Institution is believed to help producing excellent graduates who comply own viable competence, discipline and furnished with noble values, and high self-esteem.

The main objective of the establishment of kor-SUKSIS was to expose the police duty to the students and to attract them to join police in their future. Other than that SUKSIS can be a points and ears for Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) in channel information about crime scene in local. Kor-SUKSIS was joined by the undergraduates’ students in the university for three years as a police volunteers. The member of kor-SUKSIS will undergo physical and mental training which includes marching, life effort, training shoot, swimming, first aid, person defensive art, law class, camping and sport.

From my experience as one of the member of kor-SUKSIS, I think that most activity done in SUKSIS was very useful in order to build graduates with high discipline and with good physical fitness. From the very beginning when the first step we join SUKSIS, students are selected based on their physical figure and all members undergo interview session to observe their mentality and generic skill.

In the training, we have a lot of activity that involve team building. The activity such as marching, life effort, first aid and camping really need us to rely on each other and work as a team. Other than that in defensive art and marching, discipline was a very important aspect that being stressed by the coach and punishment will be given to those that not following the rule.

Other than training, we also have academic classes that involve first aid and law class. From the class we have gain many knowledge which I think very useful to increase nationality spirit among students.  Other than that, we also taught about morality, discipline and generic skill.  Each member in kor-SUKSIS must respect to each other and greeting to the coach and seniors was something ritual in SUKSIS in order to keep the feeling of respect to the elders. As to keep a good relationship and cohesiveness between members, activity such as Kor-SUKSIS Family Day, Hari Raya celebration, Police day celebration and prayer together was done and plan every year in SUKSIS activity calendar.

However for me what most motivates me while I am joining SUKSIS is when I am wearing our uniform which is similar to the uniform of the Royal Malaysian Police. The reason I feel that way is because the uniform is the symbol that shows we are the member of kor-SUKSIS and it gives us a sense of belonging in kor-SUKSIS. When wear the uniform we feel very proud that we must keep our pride by show a good manner and example to the other.  In addition in SUKSIS we have a motto which is “Discipline First and Fitness Is Our Identity’ which mean discipline and healthy lifestyle is represent the culture of SUKSIS. From my three years experience in SUKSIS, what I can see the culture of SUKSIS is we are very particular about discipline, time management, physical fitness, team building and also the spirit to love our country. I hope that this culture will be continuously occurring in SUKSIS now and forever.

If I was a manger of an organization, I think that most of the activity in SUKSIS can be used to motivate the people in the organization. As for me, I think that a good relationship in an organization was very important in order to increase the performance of the organization.  Only by having good relationships within the organization that can build a team spirit in them. Activity such as family day, camping and prayer together should be done in order to increase cohesiveness between members. In addition healthy activity such as sports and defensive art is good for the physical fitness of the member.

Other than that in the organization, I think that the organization should have a symbol that differentiates them with other organization. So, I think in an organization, they should have a clear logo, motto, mission and vision. In addition, member should be proud when they wearing or show the logo that represent their organization.

In an organization, respect to each other was something that is very important in order to maintain a good relationship within the organization. In an organization, the higher rank people in the organization usually will not have a closed relationship with the worker due to the status barrier. However the workers should be more respect their leaders while the higher rank people should be more caring toward their workers. In addition leader is the one that should give a good example to the worker as it will shape the organization culture of the organization.

In a conclusion, I really think that some activity in SUKSIS can be used to motivate that worker in the organization as what can I see that SUKSIS successfully can produce a good students with noble values and high self-esteems. However there are many others effective way can be used to motivate workers.

Above is the real original copy of my assignment. What I can comment:

Oh my English! Huhuhu… I really need to learn and improve it.. In sha Allah, amin =)
Too childish and straight forward opinion and very obvious it is from layman. Heeee…
That time I have yet learn paragraph justification, that why it all ‘aligned left’ and look not tidy.. 
The sentence is too long to elaborate one point, and it seems repeating… hehe..
Prove that suksis is a good activity for students.. hehehe
Fun to read and precious to remember… suksis and uni life, I miss them all… Alhamdulillah when recalled back, there are many good memories. Thank you Allah for smoothen my ways at uni. Alhamdulillah.. =D

Garfield comic strip: Lets learn and improving =)

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