I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Badminton and the other sports

Just watch 'Cool Kiz On The Block' episode Badminton Returns. It featuring the legendary Korean double players Olympic gold medalist (Park Joobong & Kim Dongmoon), the new double players Olympic gold medalist (Yoo Yeonseong & Lee Yougdae) and their national coaches (Lee Dongsoo & Ha Taekwon). Im so excited to watch the match between them even though its not a real game where it actually a match only for the program without expensive gift or medal. They are skillful yet very humorous and humble. Its fun to watch compare when watching a real game (Olympic, Asian game, etc, etc) where the atmosphere is tense and serious. Its like watching the professional play skillfully in humorous way. 

While watching the episode it remind me about the past (I was 10 years old) when I also love to play badminton. Its not easy to get my first racket that price RM12.00 where I have to begging for few times and tearfully happy to get it as a surprise. hehe.. I dont remember the brand but it is white color, heavy with a quite loose string compare to my friend's racket. Plus it not even have bag but totally just a racket. Anyway Im still grateful of having it, and its so memorable.

At evening my friends and I will play badminton in a court near our house. We have the court but we dont know the rule thus we just playing as we think suitable. One of my friend, Mustazha seems pretending quite to know the rules thus he always become the referee. While being a referee he will count, speak and act like a professional referee. He knew fancy word in badminton such as mata terakhir/ match point, perlawanan kedua/ second match, smash, score and service over. Maybe people will said that they are easy words but for kids like us who mostly watching cartoon we learn it from him and we envy his knowledge especially when he said it in English. hehe.. Since Mus has Astro with sports channel in his house thus he watching and learn sports with his father who also love sports. In contrast Im watching Garfield, Doraemon, Rocket Boy, Dragon ball, Sailor moon, Power Rangers and many more can be list. Sometime the adult at our village also do grand badminton match at least once a year. The price is always a big hamper with many foods and cookies inside.

We have season in doing sport at our village. Sometimes we go for volleyball, football, badminton, baseball and basketball. Sometime we go for traditional game batu seremban, congkak, enkek-enkek, kitting and gasing. Also we active in 80s kids game zeropointm, 'polis-polis', 3 kaki, hide and seek, playing marble and london bridge. Indoor game such as checker, snakes dice and the most famous is Jutaria. There other uncategorize game which we call snap2. We sing a song while claping hands with partner and end the song with some rule (siapa ketawa dia kena cubit) and the other game is injat2 semut. Sometimes we go play at the river but when back I will get whipped with hos while Im pretending its not hurt and not crying. haha..

Eventhough we play allot, every evening we will go to surau to pray for maghrib, isya and learn Al-Quran in the within. What so famous that time is we use porcupine quills as a pointer ruler. The imam is known for being strict thus we dont fooling around and learn seriously.  He is also my friend's father and he teach us for free. Alhamdulillah with such culture, we learn the basic things when we were kids, self consciousness how it important to our soul/life and getting improve by time. Alhamdulillah its one thing that lead us to be a better person or at least not spoil badly.   

Our kids gang become not active after we enter secondary school. That because everyone feel like an adults and wont do things or play sports childishly. Each of us also become shy and polite to opposite gander, but with same gander we become best friend. Even though we seldom meet for play, theres few times when we gather for good purpose such as cleaning our village surau. We all still friends till now but hardly meeting because many work or study at another town. Really miss the old days where as young kid we play all this happily. Even though it is moderate and simple (we dont have enough equipment and facilities where the priority to the adult) the friendship and memory are so precious. Thank you friends for all the times we spend, hope you also remember it as sweet memory of our childhood. May all of you healthy, happy and blessed wherever you are. Amin =)

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