I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We Say "10Q 4 Ur VisiT!'

Few days ago, sis come to visit us. Alhamdulillah, she arrived safely and she was here for 6 days. The 6 days are so meaningful for us and become another story in my life. Thank you Allah for giving me another chance to meet sis,to be able eat her cook, to be able chat with her, being nagged by her, another present and another argument during the 6 days. Alhamdulillah!

Ok, just what sis do at our house?

Shes nagging, Nagging and NAGGING!
"Why these things not here?"````
"Why you not put it there?"
"Dont you notice your instant noodle has expired?"
"Did you bought all the food stock to give to the charity?"
"Update this and that..."
"Think about this and that..."
"Its time to shalat, go shalat!"........................."Its subuh, WAKE UP!!!!!"
"etc, etc, etc & bla bla bla......"

Shes cooking
Fried Chickens & Sauteed Eggplant
The fried chickens was marinated with salt, honey and grated ginger... The chickens was over-burned and taste bitter, the sauteed eggplant is all black. Anyway, I enjoy the fried chickens but will never forget how sis fry it!

Salted Sliced Sausage and Yam Soup
After a very long time, I really enjoy her cook! The Salted Slices Sausage is the recipe that mum tough us and it was delicious! Yam soup is combination of PAMA instant mee hoon, some spices and yam cubes, it also amazingly delucious! Yam, yam , yummy~ =)
I help her making the soup and I learned that when making yam soup use pan that has cover. So after the water is boiled, cover the pan and it will only take few minutes for the yam to soak and soft, or else it can take hour for the yam to soak.

The sausage, only these left when I take the pic

Chickens Rice
Sorry, Im not very impressed with the result but I agree it is 100x better compare to my cooking skill. hehe.. The rice was much oily but and weak chickens flavor. The chickens was very delicious but just like another delicious fried chickens. The soup was not bad but much differ from what made by professional. When I asked and suggest that she use chickens cube, she answer that its all because the sup bunjut not aromatic and saaid chickens cube is all MSG.

The chicken rice =)

Sis, sorry for the rude comment. I just being sincere and hope you can improve your cooking skill.
Peace (- _-)V

We went shopping for what mum asked and what granny need. Dried fish, anchovies, browning sugar, maruku miller, present for her pupils, etc. Another day sis and aunt went as early 6am shopping at pasar minggu. Congrats to them, I rather at home. hehe.. 

Cats and dogs
This is what I remember she said to them
Labu: "Quite a unique soprano voice, he so heavy and a feet biter"
Olen: "She really a Queen, the face so innocent but she the real bandit"
Monsta: "He all black cat, including the lips. The eyes so beautiful and he is very polite"
Troy: "Momy just where you want to put your kids?"
Troy's generation: "Shumaker, konti, helmet and poll.. funny name"
Dogs: While the dogs were cutely stretching and scratching, sis say  "Help me! help me! look at the dogs, he gonna bite me!" and then she continuously recite doa. Just dont know what doa she recite, but the dogs dont really care about her presence and not barking.

The most sincere present from my cats

Sis gave foods to them all and thus the cats love her and the dogs not treat her as stranger. The cats even give her present of appreciation. She got her computer mouse all bitten! =3

During the farewell, like always I hate being left because it feel so lonely. I love my family and wish to be with them always. Living here so far without them is quite sad but so far it still bearable. Maybe I need to work hard and earn something to make it worth and like they did, me too will always remember them in my doa. In Sha Allah.

I got present, a cute key chain. 10Q sis! =)

p/s: Thank you to aunts and Naty for helping while sis at here. We really appreciate it. Alhamdulillah =) 


  1. su,contact me....i lost your number.............................

  2. I really love this entry ^_^.. Thank you for everything and sorry for everything.. Actually I Love you very much.. I Love our family.. I will try to be a better daughter and better sister.. Please pray for me ^_^


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