I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 21 October 2013

Goodbye Good Man~

On Saturday we have farewell party for Joshua, the assistant manager at our company. Hes been working in the company for almost 12 years but he choose to grab opportunity and take challenge to work at other place. I remember the first time I met him two years ago during my first day at the company, with the BIG and most welcome smile he said "Hi, Im Joshua, welcome to the company!".

Joshua is the boss that  is the leader. He loved and respected by all staff and workers. He is very humble, caring, friendly and helpful. As the boss, at work when we do mistakes, he can be very truculent and his voice is loud, but just for a day to recover. Also he never angry to a limit that can pierce heart that his sub can repent without feel discourage. Simple explanation, the sub enjoy working with him with respect and love as boss. Even when the news that he going to quick spread, many feel sad and hope he will just stay. 

Working with him is an advantage because he give his best in every project. As junior in the industry, we always seek his advice about processing, machine, manpower and etc. Always he never disappoint us and he never sting to share his knowledge and experience. I remember there is a day when we ask his opinion about the best way of mixing in large processing, with a kind heart as senior he explain thoroughly this and that. Not enough with that he offer to bring us to visit a bioreactor that miles away from the office and that was my first time visit other branch of the company. 

In office he always cheer-up situation, making jokes, share new info and he himself is always in happy mood. As the top in the office with more revenue, he is the source where we asked for sponsorship. He simply donates RM50-100 for a party, bread and crackers for lunch and chocolate bar that he stored in the ice box. Always there will be funny ways to ask for the sponsorship, anyway the big idea its not about money but more to happy interaction and the happy memories. 

Joshua trademark is the companies car that he use, which also the most popular car in the company. It is a Maroon land Cruiser that was inherited from many generation of bosses and aged about 20 years old. The first user is our director, passed to his nephew, other bosses and finally go to Joshua. It extremely rugged that after many years it still OK even-though the appearance is KO. His car always become jokes for us, how we can recognize it from far away,  how we know the sound and how it is Joshua's. Using that car I remember he sent me home twice. When I said its ok to just drop me at the bus stop, he refused and instead send me till at front of my house. 

Joshua is a business man that he have a phone shop. There is a time when he do sales for some item in his shop and he bring some necklaces, bracelet and kid watch to the office. Many buy form him with very big discount up to 70% which I dont think can pay off the real value. haha.. 

Days before he leave, I can see he is quite sad to leave us. He avoid for a long chat, he make jokes that seems not suitable and he never mad. Its been 12 years with the company, (I think) it is his first job, and he start when the factory is 0. Off course there were bitter-sweet memories along the years and I think it is a hard decision to leave the company. Anyway he made his decision and it is worth as the other party offer MUCH better. That teach me that sometimes we need to make a hard decision, a courage to move forward, quickly grab an opportunity and willingness to take challenge in order to make self-improvements. 

To Joshua, thank you very much for your kind help,  for the sweet memories and of all we gonna really miss you. Im very grateful and glad that as rookie I have learned many things from you. Good luck at the new place and wish you a happy new life. =)

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