I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oh Botak!

Nama panggilan : Si Botak
Hobi : Makan ikan, menangkap tikus, bermain di kebun
Cita-cita : Menjadi pemburu tikus yang berjaya

Kasni Aming., 2013

Botak is our cat. He is a tuxedo and about 3 years old. Two weeks ago I got phone call from my sister saying that Botak is back after more than three months missing. What an amazing cat to be able back home after that period! So I would like to write Botak biography and share the amazing and inspirational story of cool Botak.

The kitten from next door
Botak actually is our neighbor's kitten. At that time, they were leaving home for a month and leave their cats uncared as it is normal for a Kampong cat to survive by looking for their own food. At that time Botak accompanied by his sister come to our house asking for food. Mum is very loving and generous person, she always give food to any stray cats that passes by. By time Botak and his sister become regular and stay at our house. When the owner back, they take the siblings to their home, but after just few minutes they both coming back to us. The owner try again few times and lastly the sister choose to be with the original owner while Botak persists to stay with us. The owner give up on Botak while mum decided to adopt the kitten and give him a name BOTAK as he has very thin fur at the head area.

The fussy cat
Botak is very picky about eating. When he was a kitten, he only eat fish with ratio of fish in rice must at least 1:1. He doesn’t eat chickens, meat and only eat fresh prepared food. He willing to starve rather than eat leftover or spoiled food. So to feed him, make sure to give plenty of fish and right amount of rice, his leftover then will be eaten by other stray cat that passed by. Botak favorite food is anchovies and his regular are stew fish and dried fish.

 Botak in basin

Muscular cat and abendazole
The little Botak when he was about 4 month was very small and thin. He is so light that I thought that he was sick. Knowing that worms is one of important factor why cat is nutrient defficient, I give him quaters (devide by 4) pill of Zentel in hoping it can clear any parasite it have. Alhamdulillah, the four month letter he incredibly becomes healthy and fat. We get him dewormed every year and this year he is a muscular cat with weight 3.3 kg. Among all of our cats, he is the only muscular cat that has big head, big paw and thick muscle. So if you want to have a muscular and healthy cat, get your cat dewormed as necessary.

 The muscular cat is sleeping

Friends and enemies
Botak has few friends and enemies, it can be listed as below:
  • Ipin: He is our neighbor's cat.  He has about same age and colour like Botak. Ipin likes to visit our home, but Botak dislike him as he sometimes ate his food and he always very noisy (singging cat song). Whenever Ipin come to our house, Botak will chase him away and thus Ipin only come when Botak is not around. Ipin also like to spray around marking his terrority scent 
  • Mimie: She is another cat from neighborhood. Botak always invite Mimie come to our house for a visit. However whenever she tries to touch his Foods, Botak will slap her angrily. Poor girl.... sigh.....
  • Kucing hitam: He is a black stray cat who is very unfriendly, wild and violent. He hates everybody and anything from human to cats itself. However he always comes to our home looking for foods that left for Botak. He is a thin cat, but Botak and Ipin really afraid of him. When Hitam come, Botak will just quietly observed Hitam eating his food, or if we were around Botak will hurry to hide behind us.
 Ipin who is the neighbor, the friend and the enemy of Botak

The hard working cat
Botak is very hardworking, he left home 4am in the morning to start work at field. He will return home at noon for lunch and one hour rest then continue his work until sunset or night. We always bumped with him at banana groves near the village. We really admire his enthusiasm in work but unfortunately we think it is fruitless. We always laugh whenever he comeback from work, he always look very tired and hungry. If he is working, shouldn't he have something in return such as food or anything?.... Our funny wish was granted, two years latter Botak become a real working cat. He become a hunter and when hes home, he bring life chickens!

The twisted personality
Botak is a strange cat, during hari raya, our house has only chickens and beef meat to serve guest that visit. That time we were so busy that we forgot to buy fish for Botak. So we try to serve him with chickens and beef. Arrogantly he refused and going to somewhere else. However when my sister and I sitting at the backyard that evening, we confusedly saw Mr Botak eating chickens bone and leftover at someone else house. 'Oh Botak, how could you not eating chickens and beef meat that we offer, while you suffering looking for leftover at someone else garbage?' we sigh..
Another twisted personality of Botak is, he refused to eat cooked chickens while he cause chaos at our village by eating life chick!

Chaos in the village
It was on January when I call mum for updat news. Mum respond saying that there were chaos in the village that everyone want to sent Botak away from the village. The reason is because unknowingly Botak the Twisted personality who once hate chickens turn to like fresh chickens and eat our neighbor's young chick. He also ate 4 of our's. We get to know it when one day our neighbour tells my mum to be carefull as there is cat who likes to catch and eat young chick. She said,  it was Ipin our neighbour cat who really resemble Botak. However when she said that the cat is very fat, clean, round face and handsome, mum just knows that it was Botak and Ipin was accused wrongly. This is because even Ipin has same colour with Botak, Ipin has much different with triangle face and quite messy. So mums confess to the neighbor that the cat is not Ipin, but Botak.

Once a prisoner
To give him lesson that eating life chick is bad, mum hit Botak and smear chilly on his mouth after he come back with another life chick. Then mum decide to keep Botak in cage so he will not able to hunt. However just after two days he in the cage, Botak escaped and the bad cat just come innocently to mum with cute face. So mum forgives him but cannot do anything about his bad habit. She tries another approach by giving him plenty of food that he likes. Of course Botak like it, but again the bad cat who think he is descendant of Lion just prefer life chick to fulfill his gusto. 

The criminal caught in action

After that tragedy, some neighbor advice mum to send Botak far away from the village. He said Botak is a bad kitty because he catch and eat chickens just for amusement. That was indeed true because we fulfill what Botak needs and give him plenty of his favorite food, still he choose to make difficult on us and cause trouble to other. Unable to control Botak, mum said if anyone can catch Botak, they may send him anywhere they want. We love Botak, but his action is extremely burden to our neighborhood. It might lead to dispute among us and neighbors and might also cause him killed if somebody catch him in action. So we agree with mum decision, plus Botak is all grown up and healthy cat to be able live alone wherever he is.

Not home
After that, Botak is not home for about one week. We thought that somebody might already sent him far away. However one of our neighbor's kid said that he saw Botak live somewhere at the new house construction area. After a week he comeback and that was pass after dinner. There were no food left, but mum made him instant noodle so he will not hungry. After few days at home, Botak missing for the second time, this time around 3 weeks. When he comeback, it was about to Maghrib that mum cannot serve him as she need to go mosque for Maghrib prayer. When mum back she prepared foods for Botak, but Botak never back for more than 3 month after that. This time we thought that he already gone forever.

A big surprise
After missing for more than 3 month, suddenly Botak is back. We were very surprised that we repeatedly ask mum to confirm it. Yups its Botak, my sister also confirmed his voice via phone. Mum said he is much bigger and cleaner compare to before. I thought he might be bigger because just before his missing, we get him dewormed and bath him with special shampoo and anti flea. Because of his sudden appearance, mum gives him another instant noodle. He ate it and then deeply asleep at the living room. The next day mum served him his favorite rice with catfish. However, just after two days he is missing for the forth times.  It was very strange that I ask mum if it was his ghost. Mum said “how-come a ghost finish eating instant noodle, that ridiculous!”. However mum relief that at least she served him foods when he come.

The sudden disappearance of Botak become a big question to us. Where were him during the 3 month? When I thought he was dead, mum strongly belief that Botak is alive. The reasons are because:
  • Botak is a strong cat, he can win in cat fight or at least he is a fast runner to escape from being caught.
  • Botak is very popular among kids, wherever he goes, we can always know by asking them. 
  • No report about cat death and no evidence left behind. 
  • There are peoples who hate Botak due to his gangsterism, but they are the types who will not torturing cat.
Not sure where he really was during the three month, but the most logic answer is he might be sent to Lawas town by somebody. If it was true, it is really amazing because the town is very far away from our village which is about 40 minutes by car. Maybe that why he takes more than three month to find us. Anyway, nobody confess to do anything about Botak

Case closed
When think about it again, it was nobody fault that this happened. As the owner, we have fulfilled what Botak needs in term of foods and shelter. The unknown person also doing the right thing to send Botak far away, she/ he just want their chickens lived peacefully and it is good enough that they not hurt Botak. Even Botak the bad kitty who started all this also should not be blamed, he is just a descendant of a great lion that he has instinct to hunt and kill. Now is the forth time of Botak missing, we cannot do anything about it but wherever he was, we love him and hope that he can be healthy and happy with his independent life. He always be our cat, and whenever he comeback we will always accept him.

Love n miss u Botak…

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