I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 21 July 2013

~Salam Ramadhan~

Alhamdulillah, its Ramadhan again and we should be very grateful to still have a chance to live in this blessing month. Alhamdulillahx3 =)

Do you feel the blissful of Ramadhan? My answer, yup I do! For me Ramadhan is very peaceful, joyful and a blissful month. There are many reasons why Ramadhan is so special and there were also many sweet memories during Ramadhan. Here are some of mine:

Sweet~ It was on Ramadhan that my sis and I learn to shalat. When we were about five years old, even we not doing the obligatory prayers, we start to follow mum to mosque for Terawikh in every Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah. We are good kids that we not make noise or disturb others, after Terawikh mum ask us to greet all womens jamaah in mosque. Some of the sisters and aunties praise us for our good behavior, some patting our head and some kiss and squeeze us. Sweet memories with the sisters and aunties~ ~ =)

Hope these kids experienced the blessed and happiness of Ramadhan. 
GOOD JOB to start early! =)

Funny~ How a 5 years old do Terawikh? Me, I just follow what the elder do, chanting randomly with sound sstt..sstt..., take more time in ruku' and sujud for sleeping, shalat while eyes looking randomly at many things, wake up when heard AMIN from jemaah and sometimes feel dizzy for the sleepiness. Funny way to learn, but when recall back, I feel blessed. Alhamdulillah =)

Funny~ I start to learn fasting when I was 6 years old. I think most kids also learn this method, which is half day fasting. Wake up for sahur, go to school and when back (11am) consider Iftar. And after that shamelessly bragging that I’m fasting. Not enough with that, we got song for those not fasting. haha =P

Puasa Yok, Yok...
Balik rumah Buka periuk... 

Funny~ During Ramadhan either half day fasting or one day fasting, we kids were very weak and have not enough energy. Thus most of our activities like cycling, playing run and catch, hide and seek or patrolling village was postponed. So at this time I mostly at home watching TV. I enjoy watching cooking show and then imitate what the chef doing. When helping mum to prepare foods for Iftar, I usually create my own shape and colour of the cake or kuih. Then when I was 11 years old, I make my own cake, kuih and biscuit. Guess how it tests? Every time I’m making a new recipe my families warn me to make the cake enough for myself. Sis who always condemn me will always critics my food, even if it was delicious and she ate lots of it, she never said it is good. All she do is critics, CRITICS and CRITICS! On the other hand mum suffer to always trying to finish my cake and when she cannot stand it, she give them to stray cats and dogs. And what worst, I remember there is one day when not even a dog willing to eat my crispy cake! =(

Sweet~ During ramadhan mosque was very cheerful with many jamaah during iftar and terawikh. We kids also join the feast together sending food, iftar, shalat and tidying Mosque with the elder.

This cute boy, his face shows that he completed one day fasting. It might drain his energy but he looks very grateful and thankful to lift hands for prayer. All the plates with delicious and appetizing foods surely make him happy while waiting for Iftar. MasyaAllah, how Ramadhan is blessing and give happiness to kids. =)

Reflection~ When I was a kid, I am very naughty, lazy to study, always cry and always throw tantrums hysterically. It was on Ramadhan that I start to realize that I should change and grow up to be a useful person. Continue from routine on Ramadhan, I start to pray on time, listen to advice of others, study hard, read Quran and become more patient. It was during Ramadhan that I make a promise that I will read Quran every day, even if for only 3 phrase. Alhamdulillah, I’m still grasp on that promise and In Sha Allah, I hope I will improve every day. Amin..

Reflection~ Going Terawikh during Ramadhan will give us opportunity to meet good people that can advise and teach us about Islam, Quran, spiritual and moral. We may also meet the beginner who also seeking and willing to learn.  Being close with these people will give positive energy to be more like them to learn more, have faith and hope for success in world and hereafter. They also are friends who always very soft, kind, helpful, fun and cherish friendship with Islam that guide us and His blessedness that we seek. 

Reflection~ Everytime Ramadhan, I always feels at peace. It recharge the weak iman, it bring me back to the right path, it hinder me from doing bad things, it encourage me to do good deed, I will reflect myself more and always my heart feel grateful in this blessing month. Other than that I love Ramadhan by enjoying sahur, terawikh, tadarus, Eid and the most I like IFTAR. It is much happier doing it with family and friends. I remember that sis is the one who stubbornly to weak-up. When we try to wake her, she will said "It is more afdal to sahur late', later she will take only 10 minutes to eat sahur before Azan. Using soft approach, I’m using our cat to wake her, but the rough method I pinch her hardly. hahahaha.. Not forget our cat join the sahur. =)

I love Ramadhan. In 11 month with normal pace there is Ramadhan that break the routine. People do fasting of physical and spiritual, feeling soft in heart for His blessedness and always to those who seek, they will find their objective.  All praise to Allah the almighty and all wise, He created Ramadhan that bring happiness to kids and blissful to us. Let’s take this opportunity to find His love and make something valuable from Ramadhan this year. Amin..

19 days more to Go! =)

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