I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 18 September 2017


To anywhare i went, 50% of men smoke. I really doubt why people smoke since it is known to be expensive, bad for environment, bad for our own health and most important it is bad for the serrounding people such as your friend, family or anyone near the smoker.

I seldom stay close to smoker, but when i did it feel really different and I will having headache. Even after few hour, I can still smell the smoke. I just cant immagine how the effect towards young kids or baby.

I did try smoke once when i was just primary school with ciggarate given by someone. But i am very grateful that adult that saw me did give me advice that it is a bad thing. Im grateful that it just a curiousity and i didnt stick or like it. And thanks allot to the passer adult that teach kids to stay away form ciggarate. That what we should do.

I dont hate the smoker and i can always be tolerant. But dear smoker, please love yourself and ditch the bad habit. Take care of your health since sick is the biggest missery. When we sick, we bear the pain, money will be spend endlessly, worrying our family and we ourself will be emmotionaly unstable.

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