I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 21 August 2017

At The Gas Station

[Credit https://www.pinterest.com/patmarvin/garfield/]

Yesterday we went to PD. It was our first visit, thus we not familiar with its serrounding.

At 7.30pm we try to find place to do maghrib prayer and we stop in bp petrol nearby. We refill fuel and ask the staff if they have musollah. Sadly they dont have the facilities.  We said thank you then i park my car nearby, turn on my phone wanted to check our route in nevigation app.

We saw a motorist went away but suddenly he do U turn and ride toward us. I feel afraid as we are womans, it was not many people nearby and i remember so many frightening story about this. He knock the window and ask us tu roll down the screen.

Being in stand by, afraid, i try hard to look cool and roll down only little the window. "Yes sir" i ask. "Kak, if u want to go to masjid it was so near. Go to this way and u will find it", said the man explining kindly. "We say thank you to him and he continue his way.

We are so afraid but we garteful to meet one more kind people like him. He is non muslim yet he is so kind to stop by and give the direction to a mosque nearby. I hope he understand our situation of why we look so terrify upon meeting him. Hahaha

I will still want to be carefull and takes precaution, but i will remember meeting this kind peoples. I thank them for teaching my heart that there are kind people out there and no need to be so afraid. Respect each other and do kindness.

However honestly, i do prefer if he didnt stop as it is quite frightening in that situation. Both me and mum are terrified. Anyway thanks man, may you are blessed for being kind.

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