I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Repost: Woman Builds Amazing Little Houses For Backyard Birds

This is no ordinary home.
It's a tiny furnished house for a special kind of guest.
These amazing little bird abodes are the creation of wildlife illustrator Jada Fitch. As an avid bird-watcher, she'd always enjoyed stopping to watch and photograph feathered visitors who happened by her backyard, but they rarely ventured near enough to reveal their full beauty close up.
So, Fitch decided to make little birdhouses that she could tape to her window. Rather than leave them with plain interiors, however, she decided to make them a bit more inviting.
"I thought, wouldn't it be neat if I could put my own background in," Fitch told The Dodo.
After putting the hand-painted houses in place, Fitch places some tasty seeds inside to entice the birds to drop by. She said the reception was a little cold at first, but the backyard visitors eventually accepted the artist's hospitality so she could capture their photos.
"It took some time for the birds to investigate," Fitch said. "I had my camera phone set up on a stack of books, and used the headphone shutter release to snap some shots every time one would poke their heads in."
Here is a bird visiting Fitch's hobbit-themed home.
Even one of Fitch's more recent designs — a haunted mansion-themed house — was welcoming enough to bring the birds in. 
What could be sweeter than that?
Fitch's work, which can be found on her Facebook and Instagrampages, has generated a lot of interest online. So much so, in fact, that she plans to begin crafting all-weather versions of her little bird homes to sell online.

Suri's say:
  • Source of article
  • Creative!! Can watch the birds come to visit and takes some food. Must be funny and entertining =P
  • Rather the bird in a small cage and cannot fly. =(
  • I hope all birds can freely fly as flying is one thing of their specialty that I really adore and wanted to. During my childhood I sometimes dreaming that I can fly. Haha.. 

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