I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Friday, 6 November 2015

Ramadan 2015

How ya doin this Ramadan? AlhamdulillahX3 thank you ya Rabb, Ramadan never fail to give me special feeling and excitement that hard to explain the happiness. Not only me, the people around me does feel the same with everybody working hard to improve iman and there are feeling of respect and new spirit of doing better. Alhamdulillah, I hope we all get the barakah of Ramadan and Allah keep us in His hidayah and blessing. Amin…

A week before ramadan friends start to send greeting of salam Ramadan. It’s quite early I think and we are waiting for the day. Everyone start their vision and list to do during Ramadan and how to make its meaningful and optimally use to get His blessing. As for me my main target for this Ramadan is to finish the whole Quran, solat subuh on time and wake up for sahur. They are actually basic but not easy for me. =(

As in my post last year on how I learned the formula to finish Quran on time of Ramadan. Unfortunately I didn’t finish the whole Quran last year with 2 juz left. Alhamdulillah it became one mission for Ramadan this year and it is one thing that make me exciting in this special month. Since I get Ramadan greeting early, Playing in my mind on how to achieve my mission. Cannot wait for the next, next day, I start my tadarus 3 days before Ramadan. Hihihihihi… thus I’m in juz 3 on the 1st Ramadan.. hahaha.. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb, I’m happy doing that simple ibadah.. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb I’m feel calm and being loved.. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb, I’m doing it sincerely not as routine..

This year I make my own poster for Ramadan greetings. Hehehe.. I was inspired by the previous poster that I copy from Google search. Another reason I make a new one is because the old poster has state on how to finish the Quran twice during Ramadan. For me, once is good enough and weakling like us might feel pressure about it. Anyway it’s not about quantity, but those who afford may do so blessingly, In sha Allah. ^.^V

The poster from Google :)

My own designed poster =D

I want to change to be better, to be close to Him, I want to seek His blessing and hidayah, many things I’m doing is wrong and wasteful and sometimes I think I’m becoming more and more bad. Thus I want to work hard in this blessing month seek forgiveness and changing to be better. Amin..

Note: The post was written during Ramadan, but due to time and internet problem, it was posted late. My first post using smartphone..  hehe.. =>

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