I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Monday, 9 November 2015


Many know 1D, the popular English-Irish pop boy band. They debuted in 2010 and still active until today as 4 members. However for me, I just starting to like their songs recently.

As a routine I read yahoo news every morning. During 2012 I remember that most of the yahoo topic is about 1D. Scrolling through the news title it about 1D as the best boy-band of the year etc.. etc. "its phenomena", I thought. Yet I didn't read the article as I'm not interested in English songs nowadays and i cant spend much time to read.

In 2013 my friend buy a touch screen hand phone where she can download songs very fast. During lunch she show me 1D music video 'one thing'. Watching it with not much interest, I imagine 1D is like Disney kid of 'high school musical' or 'camp of rock'. Im not into it yet..

In late 2013 I think, once again 1D fulling the article in yahoo. Some about Harry Styles dating Taylor Swift and etc. Again I just went through the title, without read the article. But I'm interested in the 'One Thing' video by peptody (pet parody). Yet that just it..

In 2014 an islamic blog post about Zayn Malik tweet about Islam and wearing Pakistani cloth. That when I knew he is a Muslim.

In 2015, a new staff came and she have few 1D songs in her tracklist. While doing lab work she usually play it loud thus I also hear the songs while trying to digest it to my mind. After many time hearing it, I thought the songs are good. But that just it..

Few month ago again 1D became a topic in news when Zayn Malik leaving the group. That also when many blogger tweet about them. Its really a phenomena, but I still am not intrested. Like always, I just through the title without read the article.

Recently I download a new video downloader software. Scrolling through you tube I didnt know what to download to try the effectiveness of the new software. Then passing in my mind is 1D songs. Thus I try few song to download and It downloaded successfully.

With all the above happen, I finally hear their songs. It was 'one thing, and 'what makes you beautiful' that make me really like their songs. I search about their group because Im the type of one that love to search info.

So when Im using computer at house, I will play their song and sing along happily. It happen many days where I also try to remember the lyric and sing along the beat. At workplace when doing works that no need concentration such as waiting for machine installing in 20 second, instead of recite Al-Baqarah as I do usually, I just sing the 1D songs. And nowadays when wake up in the morning, instead of wake up with doa, I remember the 1D songs lyric. Whoa.. that really remarkable, it really into my head.. @ . @

Ive try to play it cool, girls when Im looking at you
I can never be brave
Coz you make my heart race

So for few days I didnt play the song instead I watch 'Lets Go Dream Team' when at home while resting. 

Their songs are really good. It make you happy, energetic and bouncing with the beat. Actually I don't really like English songs nowadays after the Westlife era, but 1D is exceptional. hehe

When I was a kid, I follow my sis method to learn English by singing popular English song. We write down the lyric and try to translate its meaning into Malay. The group popular that time is Blue, S-club, Westlife, M2M, MLTR and Back Street Boy. I still like their songs until today and some are very encouraging such as 'S-club:Reach Out for the Sky', 'S-club: Bring it All Back', 'Westlife: Flying without wings' and 'Westlife: I have a dream'. MLTR and M2M however best in their love songs while BSB and Blue best in their pop song.

While I'm in collage there were times during semester break (not many people in the hostel) when my friends and I singing M2M song 'The Day You Went Away'. There were also days when my housemates and I singing and recording Rihanna popular song 'Umbrella'. We laugh after we hear our bad singing from the recording. It makes a good memories in our friendship. So I think no problem to enjoy any songs casually.

However in my case, singing that songs while forgetting zikir, remembering the songs while I dont memorise simple surah, and even wake up with it instead of doa. I need to restrain myself little bit. I didnt do much good things, i didnt knowledgeable, good in tadarus nor able to do many ibadah that deserve His reward. So may the simplest ibadah by hearing zikir and reciting some will change me to be better in seeking His hidayah and blessing. Amin .. 

In old days, I didnt like to play any song as I think it is distraction when im working, reading or thinking. Knowing 1D I play their songs for a few weeks.  However nowadays I try to play zikir as routine. The songs instead make me realize of what Im lacking and what I should doing. Alhamdulillah same as the 1D impact, it does play repeatedly in my mind. I wakeup with zikir and doing my work while reciting it joyly. Alhamdulillah..

I think the songs are great, but zikir is more beneficial for me. Will sing a song sometimes, but wont really indulge into it. More importantly "Suriana dont forget Doa!!" ^_^ V

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