I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Aunt Nebo and Oranges

It happened three weeks ago. I was just back from work when I heard weird hissing sound from the kitchen. I went to investigate to find Monsta checking something under the refrigerator. Thought it maybe a snake, so I shoo Monsta away and peeping from far. Luckily it’s not a snake instead just three little kittens. Whoa! How come this little three entering my house? It’s impossible for them to climb up the kitchen window that I purposely let open for my adult cat easy excess to outdoor. It seems somebody put them into my house through the open window.

Since the beginning I already know who the person is, so I went to their house and inquiry them. Deep down I am angry, but since they are elder and my neighbor who I will meet everyday, I ask them politely and patiently. The husband admits to put the kitten into my house. I reply, asking why they didn't meet me personally to adopt the kittens, and the wife says sorry. I cool down hearing the word sorry and no more argument I ask them to give me the mother so I can spay it at vet. The husband helps me to put the mother into cage and later it reunites with her children. I don’t like what they do, but I think it is better rather than the person who kill or abuse animal. They must be very shock to see me daring to question them. I can be friendly and polite but I will not let anyone as pleased to intrude my house because that is obviously not a right thing.  

Three days later while walking in front of a store, I met another kitten which I know exactly is aunt Nebo's. I bring him back and the four siblings reunite. The mother I named as aunt Nebo which derived from the word neighbor. Her four little kittens all oranges I called The Orange Sibling which later I give name Tiger, Cheetah, Puma and Lion.

Aunt Nebo is actually also the mother to Babu and the B's (4 kittens). One year ago Babu was abandoned near my house, while few months ago it was the B's. They were abandoned and risked to be eaten by dogs. I adopt Babu at 8pm, but the B's it was already 12am when I searching for them at the backyard. Maybe the owner pity at me to do late night searching and thus he choose to directly put the kittens into my house through the window. It was very considerate of them but still it is not a right thing to do. 

Since aunt Nebo is very fertile to pregnant three times a year, I choose to spay her. When Babu and the B's were abandon, Im thinking to ask permission from the owner to do that. However it’s kind of weird plus Nebo is very wild and seldom to be seen. So its seem the incident has catalyzed me to help the cat. Alhamdulillah, I can see the family is very happy and I’m happy too.

Even the cats coming in that way, still I’m very happy to welcome the family. They are not a burden to me and I thought that just another unique way to meet my cats. I will live with them happily and gratefully. To my neighbor, I dont really mad but I have to speak in order for you to know that Im not very easy going and dont do that again.

Aunt Nebo with her busy body unrecognized son, Mr Babu 

Aunt Nebo with her 3 Oranges

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