I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Goodbye My Precious

Goodbye my precious little Badam, Poll and Bonsit. Thank you Poll for your admirable purr that comfort me, even at your last breath you purring when I call you. Thank you Badam for always sticking and following me. When you very weak, you stumble and staggered walking towards to be with me. Thank you Bonsit for trusting me, among the B's you are the first to approach and trusting me. 

Not sure where is mommy Troy, its been a month since I saw her. I miss her very much and hope she will come back one day. Wherever she go, may she safe and healthy. 

Goodbye my precious, thank you for all the things that we gone through. Even in that very short time, I'm very grateful for your presence that create precious memory in my life.  





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