I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Computer-geek Cats

I was leaving my blog in draft mode that when I comeback I saw a new entry. Oh it is draft made by my one month old kittens and this is what they write:


Don't know the meaning but looks like it is a secret code. hehehe..

Not enough with blogging, the kittens also help in deleting few email. Thanks cats, for cleaning my in-box which has full with old emails.

They also offer to help me replying some work related email. I said, you guys are awesome cat!, but it would be work load for you to manage all my email. Still Im very thankful for the kind offer.

My kittens show very high interest in computer.  Even after I remove them from the key pad, they will try all the way to get on it again and again. Maybe in the future, not just blogging or deleting email, they might try formatting computer or become expert in the field.

Seeing their enthusiasm to work with computer, I asked them question "What cause you guys to have very deep interest in computer?" They reply with this "meow, meow, meow, meow, meow" which can be translated as "Computer is very exiting, modern, global and the best thing to make us feel warm all the time!". hehehe =p

p/s-Computer-geek cats, I love you~~ May you guys grow healthy and happily. Thanks for helping with my computer and a thousand thanks for being my companion, to make me laugh for all the brilliant things you guys doing. Thank you Allah for the awesome cats =)

The awesome kittens and their 2 bros which also their mentor. 
Monsta (the black cat) is expert in climbing to high place 
(but later need little help of using ladder to get down).
 The other one is Babu Corner who expert in soprano voice and feet biting.

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