I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Roommate + Coursemate = Best friend

       Today post is about my roommate which also happened to be my course-mate and one of my BFF. We lived together for almost 3 years that when we were undergraduates at UTM. So within this period we have creates many memories including fun, sad, unforgettable and even unimaginable! =D

       To begin with, we become roommates after we get ‘quota pengetua’ which enable us to choose hostel dorm earlier than other students. Knowing the advantages of having the quota, we work very hard and join many collage activities in order to get credits for the quota. I love to join activities especially when it involve sports or games, however in this case we even dare to join a day of lecture program just to get a credit of quota pengetua. Hehehe… The credit is given in the form of program certificate or slip that has principle sign on it. So we will collect as many slips and certificates, count each of it and treasure them like important items. In one occasion where some college committee distributing slips to participants, not sure how or why but she offer us to get bundle of slips as many we want. Though it seems fishy and confusing but me, my roommates and many others takes more than 10 slips with a happy heart on how we easily get many credit in just one night. As soon we arrived at dorm, we laugh when we figure out that even we have 10 slips, only one is useable because all of them are same that mention about program name, time and date. Haha.. =P

One of the program we join to get credit for Quota pengetua
       After a hard work we both finally listed as qualified student for quota pengetua. So the next step is to find the most suitable and strategic room for us. At UTM all students are encouraged to live inside university, so not like other university we have no problem of getting hostel inside UTM but it was the hostel strategic locations that make it different. So after some discussion, inspection and visit to many blocks we finally choose block G9 2nd floor as our dream dorm.

       As so called DREAM dorm, it was just a dream for us when on ‘booking day’ we find out that we are too late that all rooms in block G9 has been booked. It is all because we decided to fill our empty stomach first rather than fight for a victory. After all, we are very hungry after 9am class. Huhu.. After struggling with hundreds of people that waiting, we finally reach hostel warden when she tells us that our dream dorm is all booked and we only have few choices left. Alhamdulillah finally we get a dorm at Block G11 3rd floor which is just next to our dream block. Feeling funny, lucky and grateful, we went straight to our future dorm to see the place where we will become roommates. 

Dream dorm G9 2nd floor Our real dorm G11 3rd floor
  • Estimated distance: 20m to bus stop, 30m to Meranti and about 200m to faculty
  • 2nd floor so we will not tired climbing up stairs everyday
  • Not as noisy (sound from car at street) like the 1st floor
  • Beautiful view of main street, meranti, and other hostel under the hill
  • Good and new facilities but no washing machine
  • Estimated distance:15m to bus stop, 40m to Meranti and 230m to faculty
  • 3rd floor but considered as 4th floor if based on building structure
  • Less sound heard from street
  • There are absolutely no inspirational view where form our window, we can only see bricks of wall =p
  • Facilities are ok where we have washing machine in our block

 Our dream Block, G9 Kolej Rahman Putra UTM

       The next semester, we officially become roommate. So how is the new dorm? IT HAS SOO MANY mosquitos that I think I might get dengue for it! Luckily UTM do fogging once in a while when there is complaint and the residents will do spring cleaning as needed.  Yet it was not too bad, the floor we lived has place for drying cloth, more toilet and has washing machine in the hostel. Allah give us for what we need and not what we want, we eventually live happily in the fated dorm with me as block leader and my roommate is the assistance. hehe =)

       So what I like about my roommate is because she is very cooperative as what our BFF reward her. We are close but we never step into each other sensitive issue and respect each other private life. We enjoy chitchatting about issues surround us and I always amazed on how she is very sensitive and well-informed with new issues. However what I love most about her is that she is kind hearted, knowing that I like cat she willing to involve in cat talk and even make jokes about cat. There are times when we play and make jokes about the cats that live in our hostel. Nevertheless we also experienced common things that all roommates do; Wake up late for class and even there is one time when we both late for exam; Stay up late for study especially during exam week; Discuss about assignment; Went to meranti for dinner; Help each other to transfer things to store room when semester break (HEAVY things yet funny experience) and celebrate birthday in our dorm. 

Mr. Korea and his mum are among resident of G11. 
We sometimes play with them =' . '=

       So that's the story, I'm really grateful to Allah for giving me chances to know her and become roommate with her. So my beloved roommate, not sure what you think about me, but I sincerely miss the old days and thought that we are best friend. I have make a poem on your birthday, but unable to post it on time due to server down. Anyway, this poem is specially for you.. hehehe =D

My roommate, 
She loves books that have many pictures of foods,
She loves thriller and horror movies which is not my type,
She never complained when at night I forgot to switch off light,
She is not a fan of cat but we laugh happily for that,
 We take bus when class not so far,
Tired from class we chit chatting about everything,
She knows most stuff and we will talk and talk..
Never thought we fight,
Because every misunderstanding we silent for a while...
Wake up and we best friend again.
We have lots of stories, that I miss her so much,
Thank you roommate for the great time we have,
Sorry also for anything that might hurt.

  Miss u ~~ =)

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