I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Story of a Good Relationship

       My first unofficial job is a massage girl, it was when i was about 6-7 years old. Off course it is not as it sound! My only customer is our neighbor (Allahyarhamah Haji Mak Jara@ Aji).  She is not just ordinary neighbor but more like a sister to my mother and granny to us. She has many sickness like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and always complained about the back-pain she have. As it was my routine to give massage to my mum, thus mum ask me if I can serve Aji. Mum know me! Just little bit praising will turn me into a GOOD GIRL. Oh Allah, what a sweet mum I have~ So actually me as a massage girl is not really a  career, but more about love and caring to our neighbor. Yet I still get my salary, a pack of 'hari2' cracker per service. I never ask for it, but Aji sincerely give it to me and we both was very happy.

       The neighbor-family relationship become stronger and even after we moved to another district, we still contact each other and pay visit sometimes. However Aji just passed away last month, we feel the grief but redha that she went to hers and our Creator, Allah S.W.T. But a little bit bitter for my mum because it is just a week after mum call her daughter to have teleconversation with Aji. Unfortunately she is at somewhere else that mum cant contact her. After receive the news, mum call and ask me to give doa and yasin to the late, we talk about the past and the beautiful memories with Aji. She really is a good hearted person, she have many children yet still adopt a child and rise him like her own. For more than one year, she willingly and happy to help and take care my sister during her school at Miri. May Allah bless her soul to rest in peace at the eternity. Amin..  

       From the experience, I feel how important to have good relationship with peoples around us. Help, be kind to our friends and never purposely make fight with anyone. With that when we are not around, they still have good memory about us and should forgive small mistake that we might done. It is like some phrase that I read somewhere.

'One day you'll be just a memory to people, so make sure you're a good one'. 

'A good person is someone when shes around you feel happy and her absent make you missing. While a bad person is someone when shes around you feeling sick and her absent make you relief'.

       So which one you want to be labelled? Oh Allah, I want to be remembered as a good person. But there are times when I make mistakes and don't have courage to ask for forgiveness. To all my friends and family I am sorry for the bad things I've done, hope we can forgive the past and have only good memories of each other.

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