I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Sunday, 26 November 2017

We found Bezza

I think when said about bezza, all malaysian know it is a first sedan car by Produa. Proudly introduced in 2016, elegently it is also my desired car. However due to budget issue, I bitterly choose the axia E, as my fisrt car. Huhuhu.. I need a car, thats the most matter. Thank you Allah SWT for im able to drive and own a car. Alhamdulillah.

But in todays story, bezza is not about the car, its about my cat named bezza. It is a sad story.. T.T

I have so many cats come and go in my life. I always wanted to write about them so I wont forget them in the future. They all are precious, but sometimes I do forget their memory which make me sad that I forget the happiness. I will try to write more about them. InshaAllah.

Few months back, on 2nd zulhijjah, we went to Sel for my cousin engagemnet. We drop by at a gas station to have a short break. While we went to a toilet, mum see a cute cat. She offer me to adopt the cat which unlike the usual i have to beg for that.

However when mum check on her body, it seems she have a serious health problem. Seems she have been hit by vehicle and have back problem. Mum think she was a male and have genitals infection since her bottom always wet.

We a bit worried since we only are rider to my cousin's bezza. We look pity at her and hop into the car. My cousin howver asking us why we dint take the car as the cat is very cute.   I ask him if its ok since the car is only a month old, very new and I thought it might be rude for me to bring dirty cat into someone else new car. Its ok he said, put it into a plastic bag. He offer me the plastic that he put his dress.

Bezza when she first arrive

So I went back to the toilet, garb the sick cat and put half of its body into plastic bag and we back hop into the car. I give her name Bezza, in name of my cousin's car.

Even though Bezza are very sick with deep wound, she effortly shows her effectioness as it seems its always a way for her to survive. She is too sick to move thus it is easier for me to handle her. My only hope is, if she might not survive, its ok if at least she die in peace.

After 40 minutes we arrive at home and I put bezza into cage amd put some water and cibbles. She ate virgously as she worried the food might be stolen.

The next day, I check carefully on her body to diagnose her condition. Wormy, urine infection, deep wound, flea, scab and malnutrition. I do a treatment as per below

*quarters of deworming pil at day 1, 2 and 9.
*Eco enzyme to treat her wound day 1 until 9. And to treat the scab problem in every 4 days interval
*Quaters of Himalaya cystone to treat her urine infection day 1-60.
*1/6 of Shaklee vitalea as a multivitamin on day 8-30.

All medication given succesfully treat her problem.

Her urine infection is so serious that she pee all the time and a bit touch on her stomach cause she pee heavily. Her backache is not because of physical injury, but because of the urine infection. I am grateful that himalaya cystone did help to treat the urine problem.

Eco enzyme also successfully treat the deep wound in just 4 days.

With Allah willing, Bezza succesfully heal and healthy by the treatment. My family are very happy to have her and she are very smart.

To be continue..... 

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