I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Friday, 12 May 2017

Kind Stranger, May Allah Bless You =D

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Its been a long time I didnt write my own story instead the repost from other blog. hehe..

To start my story, yesterday after work I walk to go to the main road which about 600m from my workplace. After just about 10m walking an avanza driver calling me asking where I want to go and I reply I want to go to sri indah. She said "come on join us". Im in little bit confusion as it not always anyone call me to offer ride and I also be careful if anything might suspicious. In my confusion the driver again kindly offer me, "come on we're going to a same route". Seeing all in the car are woman and look kind I cross the road to join them and sit at the front car. Just after few minutes we arrive and I thank her for kindly helping me.

Since my house is not far from my workplace thus everyday I will just walk to go work. I need to walk along a small road which will end to a main road which are 1km afar. However my workplace is only 350m from my place. A few times stranger offering me ride thinking that I might want to go to the main road which are 1km far. Usually they offering ride by giving hon, hand gesture or call just like the yesterday story or they kindly stop in front of me and waiting.

I remember sometimes it was a Chinese uncle driving lorry, a malay uncle or anyone. I really not need the ride as my destination are just few meters away then I reply their offer saying I only wanted to go to the front factory. Show my goodbye sign and smile very brightly to show my appreciation.

Actually I love to walk and 1km is really nothing to me. I am member of SUKSIS afterall. haha. I just consider it as an exercise as it is weird to jogging at this area. Even someone offering ride I usually will refuse as I still afraid and have suspicious towards stranger. But still I consider them as a kind person who offering ride. =)

I do really appreciate any kindness. Everytime someone offering ride I will thank them sincerely and I think they must be a kind person, very considerate and along my walk to my destination I will think and pray all good thing for them. I also admire them and hope that I can also be kind to others.

So that it. I really appreciate kindness, it soften my heart, I remember them and I pray for their wellbeing. Amin.. =)

This is the story about the kind stranger that I will never forget. Thank you En Marzuki Ali, I will never forget you. May you in His blessing and happy whereever you are.

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