I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Sincere Feeling Towards Friendship

BFF is stand for best friend forever. They are future thing, so you won’t know it today or immediately. It takes time to create the BFF. I am someone who takes friendship deeply and I treasure my friends dearly. You won’t know they are your bestie till you feel it this way:

  • You miss the moment with them
  • You treasure the memory (either good or bad) as your friendship experience
  • You remember more the good things and sincerely forgive the bad experience 
  • You know mostly about them especially their favorite, dislikes and habit
  • You may curious about them but you won’t ask knowing they will not comfortable with the question
  • You talk about their kindness to others
  • You don’t talk about their bad side or thing they want to keep secret
  • You and besties only talk on issue you both comfortable not rumors, backstabbing or bad talk of others
  • You willing to share your difficulties because you know they will listen, give you a good advice and cheer on you. 
  • You are happy with them
  • Both of you would not easily have misunderstanding
  • They offering help sincerely
  • They won’t pry back their good deed because they do it sincerely, but you always talk on how grateful you are for their help and you love them more
  • Sometimes you give them present sincerely. The present may be cheap but valuable. The receivers appreciate and treasure your gift with more feeling of love towards you 
  • Both of you remind each other to be in a good path, to be successful in your career, family, life and to remember Allah
  • We do ibadah together 
  • Sincere in your words
  • Hoping the best for each other
  • You discuss the old picture and u misses them dearly
  • You share good tips, review on products, experience, criminal alert and your daily stories
  • You tell your great friendship story to many people and you always happy and smile while talking about it. 
  • You keep in touch with each other. It might not frequent but still you remember their birthday and important days.
  • I once love to be a lone ranger, till I labelled as the most independent in our group. I change little bit after I found friends that are kind, caring, clingy, helpful, soft spoken, funny, willing to share and most of all, who help me to be a better Muslim. Thank you friends for your kindness and help. May our friendship last forever. Amin.. 
  • To all my BFF and friends =D
  • Specially for my BFF, Mira that encourage me to write. <3 <3 InsyaAllah I will since for the first time someone has request on this humble infamous blog  =p At least I will write the topic that you request.. InsyaAllah. =D

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