I love Palestine

I love Palestine

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Accidentally Eating while Fasting


Apakah hukum seseorang yang makan secara tidak sengaja atau terlupa ketika sedang berpuasa?


Sah puasanya, kerana itu adalah rezeki daripada Allah SWT, Sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud " Sesiapa yang makan atau mjnum dengan keadaan terlupa maka jangan berbuka puasa maka sesungguhnya itu adalah rezeki yang diberi oleh Allah SWT kepadanya"


What fall for someone that accidentally or forgetfully eat during fasting? 


His fast is valid because that is a sustaince from Allah SWT. The prophet SAW said, If a fasting person eats and drink forgetfully, it is only provision Allah SWT put forth to him.” 

********************MY STORY***********************

Ummi.... ummi... ummii..ummii.. (Ummi, a song by Hadad Alwi) My Phone alarm sound.

XX.25am. Oh Im late for sahur! I wake up and rush to kitchen.

4.25am is the alarm I prepare to remind me Imsak time. So there's another 10 minutes before azan.

Even if I didn't eat rice, I m still able to eat bread, dates, Vitagen and drink sufficiently to give me energy for the day.

While eating I keep checking the time, XX.28am and I already eat half of the tuna bread. XX.29am, I finish eating the tuna bread with vitagen and plan to eat few more dates before I gulp the glass of water that I prepared. XX.31am I finish eating 3 dates.

Im quite a fast eater I gues, there is another 4 minutes before azan.Since Im quite full I eat slower and on the mobile data to surf internet to read (I really dont like to make single thing a time, I think that wasting time. Usually I will do multitask at once). Today is my credit expiry date, so I dint know if I will be able to surf the internet. I try sending whatapp to my sister and she received it. Oh, the mobile data is still usable today!

The surau is quite far from my house, so sometimes I can and sometimes not hear azan from my house. XX.33am 2 minute before azan, I gulp down the whole water in the glass. XX.34am just so on time! Will finish eating now, but will wait another 10 minutes for subuh. I still half conscious after rushingly wake up and Im quite full now.

XX.45am, showed on the alarm clock near my bed. Will go for subuh now!

Im taking wuduk and feel waken up and fresh.

Walking on the living room, I saw the the outside became quite bright which I never really notice before. "Hmm.. maybe because of Ramadan the sun comes early". I do my subuh prayer and read the Al mathurat when I saw from the window, Its really a sunny morning. The table alarm clock shows XX.15am.

I stand up and went to take the table clock and put it very near to my eyes to confirm the time. Whoa, it is 06.16am. I reach my phone to confirm the time, and again it was pass 6, not pass 5.

I check on my whatsapp since during my sahur I did sent a whatsapp messege to my sis. The message sent was 5.31am. Astaghfirullahalazim... I AM 1 HOUR LATE ACTUALLY!!

I did istighfar many times of how sinful I am for always wake up late (when not Ramadhan) and today I even late in my sahur. Keep playing in my mind on what will become to my fasting. I plan that I will fast normally today, but will need to replace it in the future. InsyaAllah.

I ask my sis what will become to my fasting, and she said it will just be ok and do fasting normally since I didn't eat purposely.

I search in internet of my situation, and it turn out that it was actually a rezeki that Allah gives to his servant. It is really a rezeki, I was full, it gives me enough energy on that day and most of all, it gives me experience to be more thankful to Allah mercy.

This is my first experience eating during fasting. When I was about 7 years old, there is one time I pretending to forget the fasting and drink a jug of water (about 400ml) in front of sis while watching TV. "Did u note fast?" she asked. "Oh! I forgot it!" I said while continue drink from the small jug till I really full. It was during morning, then I continue my fasting by not eating but the water does gives me energy the whole day. hahaha. 

My Lord, Im tahnkful for your rezeki, for Your gracious, for always helping me in a way that I never imagine, for Your blessing that I still a grateful Muslim. Alhamdulillah.. 






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